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Presentaion on Turkey

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Kurdish language – although widespread – was illegal

has documented many instances where the Turkish military forcibly evacuated villages , destroying houses and equipment to prevent the return of the inhabitants . An estimated 3 ,000 Kurdish villages in Turkey were virtually wiped from the map , representing the displacement of more than 378 ,000 people

To what extent is the general public involved

Turkey is governed by a Constitutional Parliamentary System that was put into place in 1923 .Over time Turkey has been recognized to be ahead of many other democratic states . For [banner_entry_middle]

example , women had the freedom to vote as of 1930 whereas the French , Bulgarian , Greek and Canadian women had to wait between 10 to 20 years to be able to vote

political actors

PPT SLIDE : Republican parliamentary democracy ‘Turning point in 1946 came when the first multi-party

election took place , even though it was not completely free and fair Then within 4 years a new government was elected through democratic elections (Harrop and Miller 1987 , 7 ) Like in any other society political parties play an important role in the democracy . Parties listed sum more than 49 parties that Turkey had on 1 December 2004 There is a provinces (Yilmaz Esmer

What issue or issues generate the greatest political controversy

PPT SLIDE :Religious ethnic groups such as the Muslim Turks and the

Muslim Kurds have been in conflict for decades . In the past few decades what has sparked most controversy is the call for civil rights for the Kurdish Muslims living in Turkey . Certain parties within the government have not had much sympathy for the Kurd ‘s aspirations . Whereas others support cultural freedom for the Kurds . There is a failure to acknowledge a multicultural nature of society in general . Turkishness and Turkish nationalism has become the force behind nation building This restrictive… [banner_entry_footer]


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