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br The Importance of Biodiversity A presentation by

What is Biodiversity Biodiversity refers to the variation of life forms on the entire Earth Biodiversity is often a measure of the health of biological systems to indicate the degree to which the species are surviving versus going extinct (Wikipedia , 2007

Causes of Wildlife Extinction Deforestation A major concern for our Earth today is deforestation Rainforests /forests are the most biodiverse places on the Earth If these issues are not considered today they may lead to a destroyed earth Our food source [banner_entry_middle]

can become extinct and living things with it as well Throughout the past few centuries man has cut down forests for his own use North American deforestation activity is increasing since the past century . There are however many reasons for this , such being economical political and social causes Endangered Forests in North America Impact of Deforestation Forests play a very important role in the climate system They are essential for maintaining the present interglacial climate state Removal of the forest cover will eventually lead to a very cold climate in which a perennial snow cover develops in North America Furthermore , global deforestation could possibly push the climate system into the `glacial mode , with large continental ice sheets in America and Eurasia Global Effects of Deforestation (cont A study examining the future of world timber markets suggests that forest conservation efforts in North America and Europe could lead to increased deforestation elsewhere in the world Income and social inequality combined with other pressures undermine sustainability People on the lowest social and economic rungs are disproportionately affected by environmental problems The more disadvantaged citizens are , the fewer resources they have to deal with the health consequences of the pollution or environmental disturbance to which they are exposed (Sohngen , 2004 Aquatic Biodiversity Coastlines are attractive places to live More than half of the population of the United States lives within 130 kilometers of an ocean marine and coastal habitats are being lost or degraded with the development of cities , ports , road networks , pipelines , and recreational use Marine ecosystems suffer from a growing tide of wastes and runoff , as well as deposition from air pollution Eighty percent of marine pollution in Canada , for example , is from land-based activities (Science blog , 2004 Aquatic Biodiversity (cont Aquatic biodiversity is essential to protect the food chain Many aquatic species are in danger of survival Take , for example , the Crayfish Crayfish are threatened by habitat destruction About 65 species of crayfish are endangered , threatened , or listed as species of special concern by the states in which they live Conservation Efforts We should protect our native aquatic animals as a legacy to our children Citizens can help safeguard life in our waterways To protect our aquatic biodiversity , they can join conservation groups , adopt a local stream or river , and report all suspected water pollution problems to state natural resource agencies (Aquatic Biodiversity , 2006 Default Design… [banner_entry_footer]


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