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Poverty, personal and society

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Poverty In Canada

Issue of Poverty in Canada


Although Canada is considered as a materially affluent country with impressive performance in industrial and economic growth since past 50 years , it has been unable to forsake poverty as a social problem . In fact as the Canada ‘s social security net has weakened and income inequalities widened , the issue of poverty has worsened in the Canadian society (Shewell , 1998 , 45

Presently 14 population of Canada is living under conditions of poverty (Reutter et al , 2006 , 1 . Various researches and studies in [banner_entry_middle]

br issues of poverty in Canada have shown that poverty is the result of social exclusion and marginalization factors that deprive certain individuals from benefits of mainstreams institutions and mechanism thereby increasing inequality in the society whereby these individuals are no longer able to participate meaningfully in the social process (Williamson and Reutter , 1999 , 1

Canada ‘s economic reconstruction due to globalization and free trade affected its industrial structure and resulted in hundred of thousands of jobs loss that adversely affected the social composition in Canada The new postindustrial economy that replaced the earlier system failed to create adequate number of opportunities . The jobs in the new system are either highly specialized or low paid that does not compensate the losses of the previous system . With the simultaneous decline the social welfare system in Canada , lack of government support to family allowance programs and doubtful ability of pension plan to support ageing population , the issue of disproportionate income distribution and poverty has emerged as serious matter of concern both from individual and social point of view (Barlow and Campbell , 1995

This discusses the impact of poverty on individual and society This evaluates effect of poverty on youths , single parents aboriginals and immigrants in Canada . It will also examine the role played by poverty in creating a system of alienation and denial where people are forced to live a life of deprivation . Scope and effect of poverty

Effect of poverty on individuals

The traditional attitude in Canada towards poverty has been dismissive People often associated poverty with laziness and more corruption and accepted its deservingness for those affected by it (Shewell , 1998 , 51 Reutter et al , 2006 , 1 . However , the facts show that poverty cannot be generalized or dismissed as a wayward incident in the Canadian society Rather , it is a disturbing phenomenon that adversely affects many vulnerable sections of the society . According to Shewell (1998 ,58 children under age group of 18 , single parent mothers , socially excluded persons , and immigrants faces highest rates of poverty in Canada with the rates of poverty being especially high in urban centers

Poverty profoundly affects the capacity of individuals to survive and negotiate with general conditions of life in a positive and constructive way thus rendering them highly vulnerable from the social perspective From the broader point of view poverty is the cause of falling health standards , increased rates of illness , heightened percentage of crimes and drug abuse among youths , rising homelessness and… [banner_entry_footer]


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