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Post Racism Discussion

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December 2006

Post ‘ Racism

Here we are in 2006 .42 years after the Civil Rights Act (88th Congress ,

.1 . We have Black leaders , Hispanic business owners interracial marriages , and pretty much anyone who is of legal age can vote . We have come a long way since the days of segregation and inequality .or have we ? This is supposed to be about post-racism , but is that really an existent term ? If you break it down , post , in this instance , means following an era or [banner_entry_middle]

a point in time (Wikipedia ,

. 1 , and racism ‘ is loosely defined as the preference of one ‘s own race (Wikipedia ,

.1 . So , following an era of preferring one ‘s own race ‘ is something that , even today , does not exist

Michael Richards , formerly Kramer on the hit television series Seinfeld made this fact terribly clear . After some disruptions during his comedy act from several audience members , who happened to be black , Richards anger got the best of him and he vented his true feelings (for that moment in time , informing the audience of how the situation would ‘ve been handled if this had happened 50 years ago ‘ in which the n rs would be hanging upside down ‘ Richards apologized for his outburst days later , claiming not to be a prejudice man . The fact is like most people , Richard ‘s carries a bit of prejudice around Unfortunately for him , he allowed is prejudice to come out , and because of his fame , millions of people witnessed it . He will forever be tagged as a racist . In all actuality , he is just like millions of other Americans

It may not be something that is openly displayed in public anymore , but most of us , in one way or another , still carry a bit of racism in our back pockets . Sure , my best friend is Indian , or my favorite actor is Denzel , but saying these things doesn ‘t mean that if I were a little old white woman walking in a scarcely populated parking garage at night and saw a dark man walking my way , that I wouldn ‘t think the worst of him . In fact , I would probably clutch my purse a little tighter , pray for safety , and walk a little faster to my vehicle . Yes , my friend , the days of post-racism are far from here . It is unfortunate , but racism is something that will always exist .and not just Blacks against Whites or vice-versa . We are sometimes even prejudice against our own ethnicity Let me put it this way .there are White people : up-standing , clean middle to upper-class God-fearing folks , and then there is White Trash lower-class , trailer-park living , cigarette-smoking drunkards with kitchen appliances sitting on their front porch

We separate ourselves from those who are not like us , and consider our own group to be the way it should be . In our own company , most of us sometimes use derogatory terms when discussing other races , but wouldn ‘t dare use them… [banner_entry_footer]


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