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Population Size

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Population Size

Population size is greatly affected by birth , death , fertility and migration rates . Their effects bring about either an increase or a decrease in population . A number of factors bring about the effect of these rates

An increase in birth rates can be brought about by an increase in economic growth of a country which in turn brings about increased earnings . When this happens , the members of that country have enough to cater for a large family and they would not mind increasing their family size , which in turn increases [banner_entry_middle]

the population size

Increased birth rates can also be brought about by illiteracy of the population . For example in the developing countries where most of the population is no educated , we have an increased population

Death rates on the other hand affect our population size . If there is increase death rates may be as a result of famine or war , we experience a reduced population size in that country . Death rates can also be brought about poor health facility in a country such that the population does not get access to good health care facilities

Fertility rates also affect our population size whereby the youth are not health enough to be able to conceive and give birth . If this is the case , our population size will be affected

Migration on the other hand affects our population size . If people migrate from one place to another may be due to floods , famine or even war , the population size of that area is affected . If for example people migrate from rural to urban areas , the rural population decreases whereas , the urban population increases

Population size is an important factor that should be considered since increased population brings about congestion that would in turn pollute our environment


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