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Political perspectives on violence in sports

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Hence , it suggested there must be protective factors which contribute to an individual ‘s resiliency . It believed that these factors may build a strong network of protection against the influences of violence but emphasized the need for further knowledge of individual characteristics , circumstances or events , social and cultural processes , which encourage or support violence

There is reason to agree with the analysis in preventing unnecessary and not allowed violence as OSDH logically argued for the clear relationship between risk factors and protective factors and the occurrence of violence . OSDH said , If [banner_entry_middle]

there are only a few protective factors in the balance , then relatively few risk factors can easily offset the balance towards violence . Even if there are a large number of protective factors in the balance , there can be an equally large number of risk factors in the balance , leaving the balance teetering back and forth . It is clear that violence prevention must focus on both decreasing risk factors and increasing protective factors if the prevention is to be effective and efficient


Violence prevention in sports challenging job in sport design because violence may actually make the sports attractive and hence patronized by fans for many reason including avenues for expressing man s greatest emotions

Historically sports develop from events that were littered with violence and although liabilities were established for what may have appeared as legal sports , recent developments have allowed the non-litigation arising from sports activities . Manmade sports may have allowed violence that are no longer preventable because they are consented may still be a better alternative as mode self expression than actual war among states . World War III will not come after all because of sports with violence

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