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Policy Process

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The Family Leave and Medical Act of 1993 provides protection for working families . It allows for parents to take 12 weeks of unpaid leave from work at the birth of a child , for placement of the child with an adoption or foster agency , to care for an immediate family member with a serious health condition , or for the employee to take medical leave due to a serious health condition . It arose from the recognition of the increased number of families where both parents are working , the importance of early care for infants after [banner_entry_middle]

birth , inadequate job security which forces people to choose between work and family , the traditional roles of woman as caretaker , and the desire to not allow discrimination based on gender in employment (US Department of Labor 1993

Based on the various types of public policy created by the government this policy is in the Material and Symbolic types . It is Material because there are actual consequences for employers of not fulfilling the policy requirements . As stated in The Study of Public Policy Material Policies provide tangible resources or substantive power to their beneficiaries , or impose real disadvantages on those who are adversely affected ‘ In the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 , the employee has tangible benefits from the program . The employee is able to keep all benefits during the 12 week period . Additionally , the employee must be granted the 12 week leave if they meet the prerequisite conditions . Upon return to work , the employee must be given the same position as they had when they left , or at least a position with equivalent pay and benefits . There is also action that can be taken against the employer of this law is broken . The employer can be sued for the amount of wages lost by the employee due to loosing their job interest , and additional charges . The employee may also be able to be reinstated , receive a promotion , or other remedial benefits awarded by the court (US Department of Labor , 1993 . The combination of benefits for the employee and punishments on the employer cause this policy to be classified as a Material Public Policy

In the case of the Family Leave and Medical Act of 1993 , the best approach to understanding this policy results from a group approach There are two groups here whose interests are being balanced , employees and employers . As quoted in The Study of Public Policy (p . 20 , What may be called public policy is the equilibrium reached in this [group] struggle at any given moment , and it represents a balance which the contending factions or groups constantly strive to weight in their favor ‘ One of the major advantages of the group approach to public policy is that if the group is large enough and influential enough , they can substantially impact the policy making of the government . One of the major disadvantages of the group approach is that the individual does not really have much power unless they become part of this group One… [banner_entry_footer]


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