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poetry assingment

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Part 2

From the forty poems , I chose five that talk about life in contrasting ways . Stated differently , the theme for each of the five poems is life in different aspects

The first poem I chose is Do not go gentle into that good night ‘ by Dylan Thomas , because it speaks about life in the context of death . It is saying that one should not just accept death , but should rage , rage against the dying of the light ‘ This is the image that caught my attention in the poem , a flickering light [banner_entry_middle]

, the flame about to be extinguished , but the person who holds the candle is trying to protect the light from being extinguished . It made me feel like I should live each day to the fullest , and appreciate everything it has to offer . For me , that is the main theme of this poem about life , that we should hold on to it and not just accept death

In contrast , Let Evening Come ‘ by Jane Kenyon , seems to say something different , and I chose this poem because it provides a view that seems to oppose that of the first poem . Everything that is described in the poem is about things returning to where they belong , or about everything being put in its place . From that , it seems to imply that death is a natural part of life , a part of putting everything in its place , and so we must not be afraid of it . The most arresting image for me was that of the fox going back to its sandy den . For me , the fox is a wild animal , and showing that even the fox has something peaceful to return to highlights the poem ‘s central theme of accepting death . It made me feel like I should not be afraid of death , because as the poem says , God does not leave us comfortless

The next poem I chose out of the forty is On His Deafness ‘ by Robert E . Panara . I chose it because it focuses on the positive aspect of life , in spite of the fact that the character experiences a handicap that of being deaf . Because of his deafness , the character turned to other things , such as writing , that helped bring out the beauty in life from something as simple as the rain falling . That was the image that took hold of me in the poem , the rain falling down . I imagined that I was the main character , and that I was deaf , but I standing outside and feeling the rain pitter-patter ‘ on me . It made me feel a quiet peacefulness . This image captured the central theme of the poem , of appreciating the good things in life despite the bad things

The fourth poem I chose is Hamlet ‘ by Wole Soyinka . I chose it because it strikes a good opposition to On His Deafness . Instead of talking about a peaceful appreciation of the beauty of life , it portrays certain emotions which can disturb this peacefulness , such as doubt… [banner_entry_footer]


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