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Emily Dickinson ‘s poems engaged me . For one , her use of rhyme and rhythm within her poems made the poems flow nicely . For instance , in the poem , I felt a Funeral , in my Brain , the use of rhythm and repetition give the poem a nice effect when she writes , A service like a drum /Kept beating , beating , till I thought /My mind was going numb Secondly , the imagery used in her poems made the subject matter vivid and , as a result , the subject clearly stands out in my mind . One of the lines [banner_entry_middle]

I liked which created nice imagery was in the poem , After great pain , a formal feeling comes . She writes , As freezing persons recollect the Snow- /First-Chill-then Stupor-then the letting go- This image captures my attention and I am left to think about what Dickinson means when she writes those lines . I also liked how the first lines of her poems grabbed my attention and how the rest of the poet ‘s lines kept my attention . I wanted to read more . I wanted to know why I wanted to know this poet . Inside her brain was where I felt I had gone when I read these poems . I like that quality in poems . Poems are merely expressions of one ‘s mind . A beautiful poem leads me to believe that a beautiful mind created the poem . Emily Dickinson , however , had a very disturbing and somber view of the world around her . At some points , I wondered if she was on some kind of drugs . Yet , in the way she articulates her thoughts , I can ‘t help but to be captivated . Her perspective is very unique and I like that about her writing . She seems to write about death a lot . That can be disturbing to some people , but to others , like myself , death isn ‘t a bad subject . To me , death can take many forms . In dreams of people dying , I am not disturbed . Death in dreams , can simply mean a part of them has died . Maybe there has been a change in personality or skills . Quite possibly , death can be a metaphor for changing into something and growing , like a metamorphosis Perhaps learning a new way , evolving into a new human being , or simply growing older and wiser contributes to a death of an old self , which seemed to be a constant theme throughout her works

Langston Hughes poems weren ‘t as complex as Dickinson ‘s poems . In the poem , Dream Deferred , I wasn ‘t very impressed . There were too many clichys ( like a raisin in the sun ‘ and like a syrupy sweet ) and it seemed as though Hughes were trying to hard to be something he wasn ‘t feeling . Another reason I disliked the poem , Dream Deferred , was that it was too generic and impersonal . There was no individuality contained in that poem . On the other hand , his poem , I , Too , was a very simple and powerful poem . This poet seems to have a lot of pride and character wound throughout his poems , which draws me deep into his mind . He seems to struggle with the conflict of person versus society . A black man trying to find his identity in a country , which , at first , shunned him and now HAS to welcome him causes Hughes to seem conflicted as to whether he should play the part of a thug ‘ or to conform to the society dominated by older , white males . I can glimpse the feelings and emotions of loneliness and of being ostracized by society . In the poem , Theme for English B , lets me know a lot about Hughes as a person which is something I enjoy in poems and in poets . If I can identify with the poet on a personal level and see through their eyes what their world looks like , it helps me to learn from them . I like to think critically about everything in the world around me . To glimpse another ‘s point of view gives me an added dimension to the world , which only grows more beautiful with each new idea learned . Hughes addresses social ideas of what he perceives America to be and what he may yearn for it to be . He struggles to find the middle ground between what is expected of him from society and what he expects from himself . Hughes struggles to find an identity in a land foreign to him , acceptance from people who enslaved his ancestors , and the purpose of his life as the times change

The Unknown Citizen (by W .H . Auden ) was a poem centered on the idea of the average American veteran being stabbed in the back by society . One of the lines that I particularly had thoughts about was the line That , in the modern sense of an old-fashioned word , he was a saint I thought the play on words were very eye-catching and pleasing to read It makes a great point . The poet tries to make a point by describing this regular person with all of the regular things people in America possess . The last two lines attempt to drive his point home when the poet writes , Was he free ? Was he happy ? The question is absurd /Had anything been wrong , we should certainly have heard ‘ I believe Auden was illustrating the complex issue surrounding war and peace . On one hand , there is an average citizen who supports their country no matter the cost . On another hand , there is society looking down upon and questioning the morality of the average citizen who supports their country in times of war and peace . Auden believes that Americans need to think critically when it comes to talking badly about those who choose to fight for their country because they don ‘t know where those people have come from and the circumstances the people have based their decisions upon

Mother , Among the Dustbins (by Stevie Smith ) had a theme surrounded around the idea of God being omnipresent . The poet wrestles with the conflict of self versus another person ‘s idea of God . The line which caught my attention , In the dustbins , in the manure , in the cat at play /Is the presence of God , in a sure way ‘ I thought the images were disturbing and somber in tone . It seems as though the poet is pitifully grasping and yearning to see beauty and God in everything because maybe in their lifetime , there was considerable trauma and stress between the poet and their mother . The poet struggles to achieve a sense of well being in spite of what their Mother says , and seems to be strong-willed and determined to do so

Those Winter Sundays (by Robert Hayden ) spoke of a youth who never took into consideration the love his father had for his family which the father could only express by making sure the fire was lit and the house was warm instead of expressing his love in words or affection . The line that caused me to believe this way says , Speaking indifferently to him / who had driven out the cold /and polished my good shoes as well This young person possibly questioned whether or not their father had loved them because maybe this father was a somewhat cold person or an emotionally unexpressive person . It is quite possible that this young person didn ‘t realize until much later , while reflecting upon the fact that his father made a fire everyday for the sake of his family ‘s comfort that his father did care , but didn ‘t show it in a conventional way

This Is a Photograph of Me (by Margaret Atwood ) was one of the only poems that didn ‘t bore me . As a result , I liked it . It has rhyme rhythm , and a unique format . The line stating , The photograph was taken /the day after I drowned ‘ knocked me off guard . This line intrigued me . I was eagerly anticipating the remaining lines . The overall theme of the poem was a concept I had to think about because I had no clue . I had to re-read the poem several times , in my head and out loud , to try to grasp the concept of the poem . I figured that the poem illustrated how one could look at an old picture and find something very intriguing if one looks hard enough . Things aren ‘t always what they seem and this poet illustrates that concept well

Facing It (by Yusef Komunyakaa ) is a poem which speaks of reflections and light playing tricks with his eyes , which I look through reading his words , playing tricks with my mind . The central conflict he struggles with is self versus self , in which he struggles to cope with the Vietnam War Memorial which he is presently standing in front of and how to cope with the trauma inflicted as a result of the war . The line I liked was half expecting to find /my own letters like smoke ‘ because it says so much about the hopeless and listless state of his fragile mind as he comprehends the reality of his past and present

Part 3

I liked the poem , This Is a Photograph of Me , because I wasn ‘t bored by the subject matter , which was a common occurrence with the other poems This poem caused me to think critically and I like poems that cause me to think . I like vivid imagery and s that I can imagine easily . I liked how the poet began by creating the setting of the poem with s . I got a feel and an overall impression of the poem in the first half where she describes the picture . She describes this picture so directly and with enough detail to give me a good idea as to what is taking place and what may possibly take place . In a sense , the poet captivates me and has me eagerly anticipating the next lines

I began to favor the poem even more when she writes , The photograph was taken the day after I drowned ‘ I had no idea that the poem would contain such a weird twist ! There was a lot going on , mentally , at this point of the poem . I had to pause and think for a moment . What could this possibly mean ? What is this poet trying to express in this poem I wanted desperately to figure out the puzzle of this poem . Sometimes I do not care for poems like this , but for some reason , I enjoyed this poem . Perhaps it was the rhyme and rhythm of the poem , which simply sounded good to my ears . Maybe I liked it because it made me think and had my brain tied up in knots

To sum it up , this poem ‘s subject matter was different , unique , and refreshing . Nothing against patriotism , Vietnam War , and God , but those subject matters are used all of the time . To read a poem about a person talking about a picture of a lake and how it was taken after this person drowned and how one can see this person if one looks hard enough is a very neat idea that I like . The subject is a new idea that enthralled me

Part 4

The use of first-person narrative in this poem makes the poem stand out The poem begins with the narrator describing an old picture , which is a smeared print : blurred lines and grey flecks blended with the ‘ Instantly , one can imagine what this picture may look like The provided goes into more depth and detail until one is surrounded by questions of what happened ? Why did that person drown Who is this person telling the story of their own drowning ? What does this poem mean

The tone of the poem begins nonchalant and almost too casual in the way that the person describes the picture in an everyday tone . In the middle of the poem , however , the tone seems to switch from casual to somber when the narrator reveals that the picture they speak of was taken the day after they drowned . It seems as though the tone shifts from one extreme to another in a matter of seconds . The mind races at all of the possibilities as to what may be occurring as a result of the drowning or circumstances surrounding the drowning of the narrator

All of a sudden , the tone switches again . It is a hopeful tone , which speaks of the fact that if you look long enough , you will see this person in the picture . This poem is odd , in the way that the tone of it varies from beginning to end . Yet , that quality is what makes this poem so riveting

As for physical movements of the poem , I had to read the poem out loud a few times . My hands were clutching my skull as though to force my brain to think of all the possibilities of the poem . My toe was tapping and my leg was shaking . My eyes were blinking and my eyebrows were furrowed as I tried to grasp the author ‘s meaning in this poem

Psychologically , this poem caused me to believe that Margaret Atwood was a weirdo who was possibly high on LSD while writing the poem Psychologically , this poem greatly affected my brain . After I kept reading the poem , I began to read it in different tones with different expressions , and it helped me to see that the poem was actually brilliant in the way that it causes one to think so rapidly

This poem literally had my mind racing because I struggled to find out and figure out what the poem was all about . Although , I think I may have figured out the poem , in all honesty , I ‘m still trying to figure it out . I like poems and basically anything that makes me think in a different way . This poem appealed to that aspect of my personality The other poems were not to my liking . They were boring . The subject matter was unappealing to me . However , this poet ‘s universal theme appealed to me

I also noted that there seemed to be no significant conflict within the poem . In the other poems I read , there were central conflicts . In this poem , I tried to find a conflict to center the poem around . It seems to have a central theme which centers around the idea that things aren ‘t always what they seem . One can look at a picture and see certain aspects of it , such as is it an old photo ? What or Whom is the picture of ? Then again , one can look at a picture for minutes and observe more details than one previously saw . One could see the stripes on a person ‘s shirt in the background . One could see a bird in the distance flying in the sky . Quite possibly , one can look at a picture for hours and discover things they had never seen or thought about while looking at a moment in time captured by a camera

To see more in-depth and in detail when looking hard enough to find it can be a rewarding experience . The author may believe that if one looks at this picture long enough and sees them in the water in the center of the lake , it is a rewarding experience . Perhaps , this author strives to convey the message that her poems are the same way . If one simply could get past simple thinking and look beyond mere meanings of words and sounds to get to the deeper aspect of the poem , it can be a rewarding experience . I know that it has been a great experience for me to try to decipher the meanings of the poem

Atwood is certainly a clever poet with many perspectives as to how to show her readers new approaches to seeing . With words , Atwood uses rhyme and rhythm to establish an overall feel for the poem . With thought-provoking lines such as the effect of the water on light is a distortion ‘ Atwood challenges her readers to think beyond what is read and to dive deep into one ‘s own brain to think about what the reader feels upon reading such lines

Perhaps , Atwood is speaking in terms of getting to know her and her mind . It isn ‘t a simple task . For one , the narrator is dead , drowned in the center of a lake . Secondly , the photo is old and weathered Atwood may feel metaphorically that she is much the same way . To really see the poet for what she is and may be , one has to look hard enough One has to know the details behind the picture . One must consider all of the possibilities . Most of all , one has to trust that what she tells them is true . For instance , Atwood writes , It is difficult to say where precisely , or to say how large or small I am ‘ As the reader one must make the distinction between truth and lies . Yet , Atwood explains that one simply has to look hard enough to see and must trust enough to know that it is the truth

In conclusion , Atwood ‘s strange poem still has my mind jumbled and considering all of the possibilities . I could probably read the poem two years from now and have a whole different perspective on what the poem is about because my personality is always evolving . The reader ‘s experiences and thoughts determine much of what is interpreted by poems Not all poems have their themes in concrete . Most poems are open to interpretation by their readers . I believe this poem to be of this type . The way I am and my personality have caused me to interpret this poem in this way and tomorrow , if I read this poem again , my interpretation may have already changed … [banner_entry_footer]


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