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A look at Success is Counted Sweetest ‘ by Emily Dickinson






Success is Counted Sweetest ‘ by Emily Dickinson is a poem that deals with the idea of how success is measured in society and who ends up appreciated success . One of the first questions the reader asks themselves when they read the poem is what does it actually mean and how does it relate to the world around us today . The poem has a sadness to its [banner_entry_middle]

tone and , while short , it has an impact on the reader because it deals with a subject that many people experience during their lifetime Dickinson wrote the poem because she wanted to make the point that often the people who are most successful in this world are the ones that do not appreciate it . In other words , people take their success for granted and only people who haven ‘t been so successful can truly appreciate what it means to have success

The author used a distinct pattern of speech for example , using ne ‘er ‘ instead of never and using the conjunction of defeated-dying ‘ to describe someone who is dying and defeated by life , or perhaps dying because he is defeated by life . I also noticed that in the first stanza Dickinson used periods at the end of every other line , but she did not in the other two stanzas . There were also at least three literary elements at work in this poem : metaphor in the reference to victory being nectar , oxymoron in the reference to the sound of triumph being agonized , and rhythm in the first stanza (Dickinson . The tone of the poem is very sad and mournful . It ‘s as if the author is mourning the fact that many people will never see success in their lives , and sad that those who do achieve it are not grateful for it . This poem is a good choice because it is short and to the point yet it really packs a lot of theme into the three stanzas . Dickinson ‘s writing is very dark and sad and yet it makes perfect sense . I found the idea that in life people are not always given the same opportunities to be realistic and truthful , even today

I can relate to this poem a great deal because often in my life I have had obstacles that I needed to overcome in to succeed and many times , I was not able to succeed at all while others did . It always struck me that the rich do not appreciate their wealth , or that the winners don ‘t always understand what it feels like to not win one time In other words , it ‘s a poem for underdogs , and I can relate to that . My brief of why I enjoyed this poem would talk about each of the three stanzas . First , I would write about how the poem opens with the idea that to comprehend a… [banner_entry_footer]


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