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Poetry is one of the most profound modes of expression that human beings have developed . One , in fact , misses out a lot in life , if s /he does not appreciate the beauty of words set to rhythm and rhyme . The greatest artists of this medium can use the simplest of words to paint the grandest pictures , words whose resonance catches ones imagination , and whose rhythm moves one to sing . Robert Frost ‘s The Road Not Taken or Tennyson ‘s Crossing the Bar are perfect examples of such poems where the most insightful truths [banner_entry_middle]

about life and the human experience finds expression in fitting images and rhythm . Reading these poems , one feels an ecstasy when emotions and feelings , of which we have been robbed and desensitized in the pace and glamour of modern-day existence , rise in our heart like long lost friends . I will hear attempt to demonstrate to the subtle beauties of the above-mentioned poems and how one need to approach them with imagination and emotion to grasp the profound truths they speak of

While reading any poem by Robert Frost one should always remember that the apparent simplicity of his compositions only serve to belie an underlying profundity and masterly subtlety . The poem deals with an archetypal situation using an archetypal image and its intricate nuances are often overlooked . A person is faced with a crossroad in life , a simple image that might connote a thousand different situations in reality . Think how many times in our life we are faced with a similar situation as delineated by Frost in the poem . How many times we have to choose one out of two roads . And how very often we convince ourselves of the wisdom of our decisions in choosing one road over the other when in the moment of the choice we do not have any superior knowledge to assist us to decide between the two . Because as Frost says , to the traveler standing at the crossroad , both the roads are equal , promising equal opportunities or dangers , and s /he is not really in a position to judge between the two . Both the roads are equally worn and equally grassy Though as for that the passing there / Had worn them really about the same / And both that morning equally lay / In leaves no step had trodden black ‘ Note that the poem also , very subtly , explores the theme of the opportunity lost forever , how our choices delimits our sphere of experience , for in spite of appearances the poem is not about the road the poet takes , the one which later seems to be the less traveled by . One should keep in mind that as the title says , the poem is about `the road not taken . However , Frost ‘s brilliance as a poet comes to the forefront when he delineates the inherent human need for romanticizing the past . The traveler while choosing one road over the other , knowing fully well that he might have just as well chosen the other one predicts… [banner_entry_footer]


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