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`In Second Grade Miss Lee I Promised Never to Forget You and I Never Did`


Alterto Rios

1 . What are some of the questions that you asked yourself as you read this poem (It ‘s okay to be honest . While reading this poem , the first question that came to mind was the age of the author . The poet addresses the grade level he was in during his infatuation with this particular teacher , but there is nothing to inform the reader of how old the author is currently during the confession [banner_entry_middle]

. The age of the teacher is never addressed either

2 . What (in your opinion ) is the reason the author wrote the poem ? I think the reason the author wrote the poem was to pay homage to his teacher , but also to make a reflective piece and show how well he could encompass as much simple information about his reflection in as few words as possible . I also think the author was trying to capture a personal trait common of all people but rarely talked about . There are many inner thought and images that trigger them , which flow through the minds of people everyday . This poem captures one of these thoughts and permits the reader to experience it along with the author

3 . Did you notice anything different about the vocabulary , punctuation or writing

style that the author used ? I noticed that when the teacher was quoted it was put in italics and her words seemed more passionate and free flowing than the author ‘s . I also noticed that the author uses very simple and clear language with deeper underlying meanings . Like in the opening statement of the poem , in a letting-go moment , the reader can interpret this in more than one way . I personally think of one coping with death and letting go of someone they love but , it could also be seen as a moment when the teacher is letting go of something personal to her students by revealing it to her students

4 . What are the tone and mood of the poem ? The tone of the poem is very subtly observant and reflective . The mood is calm . The tone and mood work together to make the poem appear like a reflective confession , but also a bit like the authors train of thought in literary form

5 . What made you choose this poem ? The fact that this poem emphasizes the value of a specific moment , it implies one should live in the moment . This is partly the reason why I picked this poem . The other reason is I appreciate its significance . It zeros in on a young boys first crush and that moment when he admires the beauty of a woman

6 . Did you find places where you connected ‘ with the poem ? I had a connection with this poem in that because my first crush was on a teacher as well

7 . If you were writing a brief of this poem , what three things would you write… [banner_entry_footer]


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