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The other text that I chose to evaluate is David Zinczenko ‘s Don ‘t Blame the Eater . Much like Emily Poe ‘s essay , Zinczenko uses specific phrases to structure what he says , such as : portly fast-food patrons latchkey kid and torpid teenage tallow

In the Introduction to They Say /I Say : The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing , Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein provide templates designed to act as a guide to student , scholarly , and academic writing Specifically , Graff and Birkenstein [banner_entry_middle]

argue that the types of writing templates they offer produce strong s . As the authors themselves put it , Academic writing is the challenging ability to incorporate another ‘s ideas in balance with your ideas and make the transition seamless , while also writing effectively and meaningfully . Therefore when it comes to constructing and argument .remember that you are entering a conversation and therefore need to start with `what others are saying (18 . Although some people believe academic writing can be a lethal combination of confusing words and complicated sentences (115 , Graff and Birkenstein insist that academic writing can – and in our world should – be relaxed , easy to follow , and even a little bit fun (115 . In sum , then , their view is that in to be effective academic writing ‘s format is just as if not more important than content or complicated language and structure

I have mixed feelings . In my view , the types of templates that the authors recommend are useful for most situations , but there are some instances when personal style counts . For instance , personal memos or letters need to have some character to them . In addition , some might object , of course , on the grounds that organization is the key factor in academic writing . Yet I would argue that while organization helps , it can overshadow the art of writing . Overall , then , I believe that templates can be useful , but should be yielding to some change and personal style —– an important point to make given I am using one right now

I am moderately confident in my ability to avoid plagiarism . By moderately , I mean that about seventy five to eighty percent of the time , I will be able avoid plagiarism very easily . I understand that when I am supplying my reader with information from someone else that I need to put it in quotation marks if it is a direct quote and that I need to note where that source came from . I also understand paraphrasing and when I need to actually put quotes around pieces of information that I ‘m using and when I can summarize others . I know that this too must be cited correctly at the end of the information given and in a reference page , bibliography , or works cited page

I do slightly fear the `grey area ‘ of the issue of plagiarism , however Sometimes it is questionable as to what information is common knowledge is and what is not common knowledge . In these instances , I will… [banner_entry_footer]


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