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Place and Memory

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Place and Memory

Perhaps the strongest case for memory is made in the context of the places we occupy . It is not easy to forget what happens in our lives with reference to the space we occupy . In other words , we remember our experiences , especially the most important ones , with reference to the places we occupied at the time of those experiences . Elizabeth Liebert (2004 ) has written : Novelist Barbara Kingsolver loves the places where she writes . She observes : `Whether we are leaving it or coming into it it ‘s here that matters , it [banner_entry_middle]

is place . Our greatest and smallest explanations of ourselves grow from place , as surely as carrots grow in the dirt

According to the author , we learn about ourselves with references to the memories we have about certain places . If I happen to find something I dislike or disagree with in a particular place , for instance , I will be reminded of my sure likes and dislikes whenever I hark back to my specific experience of disliking or disagreeing with something in that particular place . In fact , I had an important experience in Aruba that would explain this phenomenon

I paid a twenty-day visit to the island of Aruba when I was fifteen years of age . Three of my older cousins accompanied me to the gorgeous 32 km long island in the Caribbean Sea . The weather was warm and sunny The landscape : cactus-strewn . Aruba offers tourists natural historical and cultural attractions they would not find elsewhere Still , I find myself repressing my memories of Aruba whenever they occur

My cousins and I visited many places in Aruba by ourselves . These interesting places included the Alto Vista Chapel the Arikok National Park Bushiribana Balashi


Page 2 (historical gold mines the California Lighthouse and the Palm and Eagle Beaches . Although we made very short visits to these wonderful places , we felt very fortunate to be there

A week before we were suppose to return home from Aruba , my cousins and I decided to take a tour bus to the Ayo Rock Formations that have been described as the town of Bedrock in The Flinstones . We had learned about the puzzling geological formations in Aruba , and about the Ayo Rock Formations we were particularly excited because we all had read in our travel guide that this place was once a dwelling place of an ancient race that left petroglyph markings on stone boulders . And , the area is surrounded by huge stones that seem as though they had been stacked on top of each other by giants

On our way to the Ayo Rock Formations , however , a rather unfortunate incident occurred . Our bus had stopped at the red signal on an empty road when a motorbike came very close to our vehicle , as if out of nowhere . There was a young girl sitting in front of the man riding the motorbike . She yelled at the top of her voice : Help ! Rape

That is all I remember hearing at the time… [banner_entry_footer]


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