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Pierre Bourdieu asserts that public opinion does not exist. How should we conceive public opinion?

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Public Myth V .S . Social Reality

Pierre Bourdieu asserts that public opinion does not exist . This poses the question , how should we conceive public opinion ? If it is true that the public does not exist , than the real question is , whose opinion is public opinion ? Rational Choice Theory poses that idea that human beings form their opinions and decisions based on collective observations and calculations . It also assumes all individuals are well informed of all of their options and that it is an inherent human tendency to think everyone makes decisions this [banner_entry_middle]

way . If this is true it would explain the blind faith people have in public opinion . It is a faith so devout , it often sways and molds popular culture ideals Pierre Bourdieu strongly negates this view

Pierre Bourdieu is a highly acclaimed French sociologist . Born on August 1 , of 1930 , he recently passed away on January 23 , 2002 . His views embody the disciplines of many tenets including : philosophy literary theory , sociology , and anthropology . He is the protagonist of the world of sociological studies , and he opposed and debunked some of the most prevalent antagonisms in the genre . His most popular work is Distinction : A Social Critique of the Judgment of Taste . In the 1967 study , he interprets how members of the upper class define taste as an aesthetic . He finds that the public has no genuine representation in democratic societies

Rational Choice Theory is the theory that assume human beings naturally choose a given path dependant on whether it is the best means to achieve their goals . It is a belief in methodological individualism this meaning it adopts the belief that social situations , and group behavior is solely the result of individual action . Within this theory corporations and national governments are viewed as individual operators as well . The problem that arises with this theory are the certain assumptions . This theory assumes human beings are aware of certain information , of which they aren ‘t always aware , and it assumes that individuals consistently make mental calculations to determine their next decision . Bourdieu is historically known for his opposition to this theory , based on the fact that he feels human beings operate more based on how they feel toward a given situation or at a given time . In his book , Outline Theory of Practice , Bourdieu analyzes human nature He points out the human tendency to conform

Doing one ‘s duty as a man means conforming to the social , and this is a fundamentally a question of respecting rhythms , keeping pace , not falling out of line . `Don ‘t we all eat the same wheat cake ? Don ‘t we all get up at the same time ? These various ways of reasserting solidarity contain an implicit definition of the fundamental virtue of conformity (Bourdieu , 1977

He later goes on to show that conformities only other opposition is eccentricity , which becomes natural for those intrigued by it irregularity .the opposite of which is the desire to stand apart from others Working while the others… [banner_entry_footer]


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