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Philosophy of Sport

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Running Head : Philosophy of Sport

Philosophy of Sport

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The issue of performance-enhancing drugs leaves aside the concern of pleasure-enhancing drugs . There is little question that in current years the use of performance-enhancing drugs has become a growing problem in athletic antagonism

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The basic philosophy of why to test and what to do through the results of testing has changed radically throughout this time . Initially , the basis for testing was a negative , castigatory concept where the basic purpose was [banner_entry_middle]

to recognize drug users and dismiss them without addressing the problem . From about 1985 to the present , a more optimistic “helping-hand ” philosophy has evolved . The crucial purpose of today ‘s model policy is to get substance-abusing employees into drug treatment afford the chance to get help , and get the person back on the job

Despite the encouraging progress , the consumption of drug testing to make employment decisions generates an emotional , gut-level response from both labor and management

Though , through the increasing obsession of the American public with sports , fed by the print and electronic media , and America ‘s liking for glorifying winners , winning “at any cost ” progressively has become the established and even expected norm

Add the powerful momentum of national pride and the political and philosophical differences between the Western nations and the Eastern bloc countries , which lean to get translated into global sports competition (i .e , the dubious premise that “our country ‘s athletes did better than your country ‘s athletes , therefore our country and our political system are superior , and it is no longer astounding that many athletes are continually pursuing an elusive “competitive edge ” no matter what the risk (Brand , M . 2001 . For numerous athletes this detection extends to the point of being eager to risk health or life by taking dangerous drugs so as to be a winner . There has to be concern concerning the priorities of athletes who admit , as numerous did in a recent poll of top-level athletes , that they would choose to take a drug that would very much improve their chances of winning an Olympic gold medal even though such a choice would take with it a high prospect of causing their death within four years . There also has to be staid concern about the priorities of a society that pushes athletes to this state

As observed by Murray (1983 , 1986 , numerous athletes are put in an enormously coercive situation in which they feel they should use performance enhancing drugs . as of society ‘s extreme emphasis on always being a winner , and the strong distrust that athletes from other countries are using drugs , several American athletes feel they are under much pressure , from coaches or fans or from their own enormously competitive natures , to use performance-enhancing drugs to a certain extent than be at a perceived competitive disadvantage

Many athletes have stated that they do not want to use drugs but think they have no option if they want to have any chance of… [banner_entry_footer]


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