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Philosophy of Art Education

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Philosophy of Art Education

Dissertation 2 /2 /07

Philosophy of Art Education 2

Visual art helps stimulate the mind and help the world see a better picture , rather it being plain ordinary . You can see people , places and objects in a better light , visuality is what ‘s part of being human and that we have the ability to create images to the world we live in When you see a different culture , it ‘s inspirational and makes the people look that way . As for shapes it ‘s more fun to look at [banner_entry_middle]

them in the visual view rather than to just look at them up close . Places in visual art are cleaner , colorful , and makes you want to go places . When looking at galaxies you can see space like you never seen it before , such as plasmas and lasers are glowing in beautiful colors . Beautiful faces makes you wonder if they ‘re telling a story behind the eyes , that ‘s why pictures are quite extraordinary when they ‘re in visual art

Individuals need imagination or they ‘ll just have nothing and it ‘s good for society to have imagination and not just think as a vegetable people are indeed inspired by art and it ‘s meaning . Putting the paint brush to the is expressing the mood inside and letting it outside and another form of releasing feelings , compassion , and emotion , sad happy , or angry . Anyone can be an artist if they have the right vision and if they have an array of emotions bottled up inside them , they can express it to the world and let out a message . Society needs not to think to the negative and start focusing on the positive , when you deal in art , you ‘re going to have a certain mentality and forget everything else in the rest of the world . Art is always going to be an important part of society and for this very reason

Art is fascinating and moving at the same time , it does help to educate us to what ‘s going on in the world , looking into other people ‘s lives and that life has different perspectives . All throughout history , people have been capturing the beauty of life and that there ‘s beauty in life whether it be nudity or grotesque . They ‘re all types of feelings about art whether you feel it intellectually , emotionally , and spiritually . It has a big impact on the human emotion , human beings need to feel something , and it ‘s especially important to our children who are going to have to make a better world and draw to what they see . Children think of painting pictures as fun , as well as photography can be because they ‘ll want to get their hands dirty , and as they look back they can see what a positive image to what they made

For centuries , representation was taken to be the central , defining feature of art . Where representation was understood in terms of imitation , the role of the… [banner_entry_footer]


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