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Title : To investigate the various forms of cyber crime and internet security and privacy threats in reference to developing countries

1 .0 Introduction

Cyber crime , security and Privacy have become synonymous with internet use . This scenario although common all over the world is more rampant and pronounced in the developing world where by many institutions do not have the necessary resources required to effectively fight the vice Rarely can any one think of doing online transactions without first worrying about the twin issues of security , and privacy

Internet security is particularly [banner_entry_middle]

a tricky and complex phenomenon because of the lack of universality in implementation of various security policies and acts . Secondly , the advent of internet as well as its ever rising relevancy and popularity has caught many stakeholders including governments , software companies as well as regulatory agencies by surprise . At first few would imagine that internet could be used negatively . However this has in recent times become a reality and cyber crime can authoritatively be termed as one of the most dangerous crimes acing globalization efforts and the business world in particular . What makes cyber crime particularly dangerous and therefore puts it in a class of its own is the fact that , it can cover a wide area in terms of geographical scope . In terms of efficiency , it is very fast as well as reliable . Thirdly it takes and requires enormous resources to detect Only the most sophisticated software , expertise and technology can detect cyber crime , leave alone thwarting it

1 .1 Rationale

The research on cyber crime could not have been carried out at a more appropriate time . This research is timely because the concern for internet security has never been so central to online transactions Therefore this is the right time for this study as the findings will fill a gap in the internet security problem

1 .2 The research questions

Although the objective of the research is to investigate the different forms of cyber crime as well as security and privacy breaches over internet , the research shall also aim to contribute to the better understanding of how the different forms of cyber crimes are perpetrated as well as how they can be prevented . To be able to cover the research problem wholly and in depth , the research questions below will guide the study . After the research is completed as provided for in the Gantt chart , it is hoped that , every single of the following questions shall be answered comprehensively

What can be done to overcome the problem of security and privacy

What resources are required in the fight against cyber crime

Who are the players and what is each of the stakeholders ‘ specific roles

Is the war against cyber crime lost or is there a still a good chance of success

What are the effects of cyber crime and the issue of security and privacy on national economies of developing countries

This research shall seek and endeavor to provide answers to the above problems

1 .3 Limitations… [banner_entry_footer]


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