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Pharmacy Admission Essay

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I am submitting this letter in compliance with the requirements of the University and to signify my intent to pursue a degree in Pharmacy at your prestigious University

Over the years , I have found myself involved in many activities and events all over my community and on campus . I am currently actively involved in Habitat for Humanity , which is a nonprofit , ecumenical Christian housing organization building simple , decent , affordable housing in partnership with people in need . As a member of this organization , I have been to depressed areas all over the United [banner_entry_middle]

States and have personally helped in building some of the homes that are made available for people in need of decent , affordable housing . Personally I may not be the best carpenter or craftsman available yet I still believe that my contribution to this organization has made a big difference because of the work ethic and passion that I have for this type of activity . I have been selected many times to lead the teams in our projects for Habitat for Humanity and I am proud to say that I have also personally contributed to the building of over 100 homes . I may not have made a big difference but it is gratifying to know that I have tried my best to do so

Habitat for Humanity is not the only organization of which I am an active participant or member of as I am also part of the local Campus Crusade for Christ which is a worldwide , interdenominational Christian ministry . I have led many of the outreach programs for this organization and have helped in the coordination of many of the projects on campus and around the community . While most of the work that I have done for this organization is religious , there are also quite a number of projects such as caring for the sick and elderly at the local nursing homes and organizing events for the orphans that I have been a proud member of and have even inititated

Perhaps one of my proudest achievements is my participation in the Students relations committee for Dance Blue , which is a University wide 24 hour dance marathon that is for the purpose of raising money for the University of Kentucky Children ‘s Hospital Cancer Ward . As a member of the Committee , I regularly meet with the families of the patients that we are trying to help two times a week . During these encounters I get to talk and interact with these patients to make sure they are feeling fine and if there is anything more that can be done to address their concerns . Much like my work with the Habitat for Humanity , I cannot really say that I have made that much of a difference to make me eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize . Yet I do not need such a reward as the joy that comes from helping others is more than enough for me

Based on my narration of my participation in these events and organizations… [banner_entry_footer]


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