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Petruchio comes to his wedding dressed as a fashion-mistake and later lectures Katharine on the triviality of outward appearance. When does he say this, and how dose it relate to the major themes of The Taming of the Shrew?

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In the first two acts of The Taming of the Shrew , Petruchio agrees to tame the shrewish Katherina . To do this , beginning in Act III , scene ii , he does to her what she has done to so many others : he becomes just as offensive to her every sensibility as she has been . His first real demonstration of his tactic is when he appears in Padua for his wedding to Katherina . He does not arrive on time , prompting Katherina to [banner_entry_middle]

rail that he will not appear at all , to her shame (III , ii , 7-20 ) Just a Baptista offers his sympathy to her (III , ii , 27-29 , Biondello arrives to announce that Petruchio is indeed coming , clad less as a fashion mistake than a fashion affront in every regard . Biondello needs lines 43 through 62 to forecast Petruchio ’92s appearance , and 63 to 70 to describe how his manservant is dressed . When Petruchio arrives , he is as Baptista judges him , ’93an eyesore to our solemn festival ’94 (III , ii , 100

Petruchio presses on , casually dismissing his apparel while insisting on taking Katherina off to be married . To Baptista ’92s reproaches he offers his summary view : ’93To me she ’92s married , not unto my clothes ’94 (III ,ii ,116 ) Despite the efforts of the others to have him clad in something less outlandish , Petruchio will not be denied . In his outrageous garb , he rushes off to see Kate (III , ii , 122

Soon enough , Grumio brings news that adds to the consternation reporting on Petruchio ’92s behavior at the church : that in behavior more fitting a servingman than a gentleman (II , ii , 151-52 , Petruchio swore so vulgarly that the priest dropped his book , that he then knocked the priest down , that he smeared the face of the sexton with the sops of wine , and that he forced on Katherina a kiss so loud that it echoed throughout the church (III , ii , 156-82 ) Petruchio enters , along with his newly married bride , and announces that they must away . Over numerous objections , Petruchio goes so far as to draw his sword to enforce his point , and whisks Kate away (III , ii , 183-238

FROM ILL-DRESSED AT A WEDDING TO HAPPY IN CONCLUSION Page With this wild and boorish behavior , Petruchio beings in earnest his taming of the shrew . Befroe this it has been Kate who would rail against others , insisting on having her way no matter how others were offended (E .g , II , I , 1-36 ) Now , she faces someone who will treat her in the same way and worse . At one of the most important moments of her life , her wedding , she is subjected to the sort of humiliation she might have unleashed on others

The scene then shifts to Petruchio ’92s estate , where a harassed Grumio enters to complain of the madcap pace Petruchio has sustained in bringing Katherina from Padua (III , iii , 12-99 ) Grumio explains what has happened on the trip… [banner_entry_footer]


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