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br DePaul University College of Law found the real good in marriage , it being an intimate human connection that transcends gender and procreation . Professor Becker suggests that the government should support a model that advances human happiness and well-being ‘ in its regulation of marriage

There had been a lot of arguments on this , though . I quote from a press release from white house .gov

America is a free society , which limits the role of government in the lives of our citizens . This commitment of freedom , however , does not require the redefinition [banner_entry_middle]

of one of our most basic social institutions Our government should respect every person , and protect the institution of marriage . There is no contradiction between these responsibilities We should also conduct this difficult debate in a manner worthy of our country , without bitterness or anger

Also , the site cwfa .org cites things that gay marriages can result to such as weakening of the family and the encouragement of people to remain homosexual

Well , what I have to say is I think that every person has a choice to become what he wants to be . He can choose what to make of that right What steps can we do to solve this issue ? For starters , if we are to respect every person in the real sense , we are not to let discrimination hurt anyone . And I know that each of us can handle this debate without bitterness . I hope we could all open our eyes and see beyond ourselves to see where other people come from and what they believe in and to respect what they uphold . If we say that we are a free society then let ‘s show it . Let us give gay couples the freedom to marry if they want to

At some point in our lives , we… [banner_entry_footer]


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