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Personality theory

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Personality Theory as applied to Superman

Carl Jung delved into the subconscious and he also had several ideas of his own on how it operated . For Jung , the mind or the psyche is divided into three parts , namely , the ego , the personal unconscious and finally the collective unconscious . These three divisions have different characteristics . Jung ‘s idea of the ego is that it is essentially the conscious mind . The personal unconscious ‘ that he describes in his studies is the division of the mind wherein both suppressed ideas and memories are stored . For [banner_entry_middle]

Jung , he did not include in the personal unconscious the instincts that Freud included in his . All that reside in the personal unconscious is all of the ideas that need to be excavated from the mind in for it to come out (Pettifor , 1995 . This is the thesis that the adopts . It elucidates that using Carl Jung ‘s personality development theory , Superman must be able to strictly adhere to the pattern of the hero archetype , otherwise , he would not have that kind of popularity and acceptance . Even if he started out as belonging to different archetypes , he would have a started out as an amalgam of several personalities . He was thoughtful and helpful to people in need

The final division of the psyche that Carl Jung theorized is the collective unconscious . This is the one thing that makes Jung ‘s principle very distinct among others . It is described as sort of a psychic inheritance . It is aptly described as a pool of experiences of a species that we can never be fully conscious of . This part of the psyche influences all of our actions most especially the emotional ones however it is only through indirect manifestations that it allows itself to be seen

Relating this to the character of Superman , one surmises that Superman encounters certain experiences that are manifestations of the collective unconscious . Examples of the collective unconscious in Superman are those times when Superman experiences one the strong urge to go to a particular place in to save a person from sure death . These events are instances where the collective unconscious comes out . Superman is unperturbed because he knows his own being . He does not try to justify himself . He extricates himself from the adulation of people , preferring to help them when they are in need and keeping a low pro in the process

These heroes must strictly follow the pattern of the hero archetype in to receive acceptance . Any deviation from this pattern leads to undermining the characters ‘ familiarity and acceptability . Jung provided what is probably the most influential dream theory of all . He declined to follow in Freud ‘s footsteps , associating dreams entirely with the sexual aspects of life . His concept of the collective unconscious means a a pool of inherited psychic residue accumulated since the beginning of the human race , an echo of the sum of experience accessible to all humans that manifests itself through archetypes or patterns of… [banner_entry_footer]


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