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Personal Training

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Personal Training

Personal training in fitness is an individualized approach to the provision of services that aim at improving the health and fitness of the participants or rather the clients (Subhan , White Kane1987 Fitness needs are varied just like the individuals requiring these services

A personal fitness trainer provides training services to the clients according to individual requirements and conditions . He /She acts as a consultant , giving advise according to his /her assessment on the individual ‘s needs and health conditions . The programs [banner_entry_middle]

are all designed to fit into different schedules and timetables

A personal trainer gives services on a one-to-one basis and helps the trainee to achieve his /her set goals , which may include

Weight loss


Improving on physical appearance

Preparations for sporting events

According to , personal training is valuable tool for those who desire fitness coaching and inspiration for goal achievement . Personal trainers can be found in various settings such as health clubs , gyms , and spas as well as in luxury yatches and cruise ships . Gyms are very common in all kinds of establishments such as hotels , learning institutions and member clubs

Personal trainers are gaining popularity due to an increased awareness levels on the need to remain fit as well as health education programmes offered in the learning institutions which serve to enlighten the citizenry on health matters and their physical well-being

As a result , many are interested in joining health programmes and training therefore contributing to the popularity of personal training as a profession . In the US to practice as a personal trainer requires a certification

A personal trainer may also offer allied services such as

Testing for fitness

Assessing clients ‘ lifestyle

Training partners

Helping clients to set goals as well as design appropriate programs

Advising on nutritional requirements

Assessing on clients progress

There are several benefits associated with the profession , such as having the unique opportunity to achieve and sustain personal fitness (Carey Mason1996 . As one helps others to keep fit , he /she will also be involved in the same activities hence he /she will keep fit in the process . It also helps the personal trainer to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a result of working out consistently and routinely

Being a personal trainer also ensures that one engages in constructive activity when free and avoids idleness (Sherman , 1994 . One is exposed to information and techniques of increasing performance in different areas such as endurance , strength , flexibility and so on . When one is involved in these constant activities , maintenance of vigor and stamina comes naturally

In addition , one is able to maintain great body shape and skin tone , and also it is easier to prepare and participate in physical activities such as athletics and sports (Raglin , Morgan , 1987 . Personal training is also a great career and the personal trainer is able to get a lot of satisfaction from helping others , avoid stress as well as anxiety (Maguire , 2000 . It is also a good source of income since personal trainers can… [banner_entry_footer]


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