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Personal Swot Analysis for work placement

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Personal Swot Analysis for work placement


For an individual looking for a job , be it the first employment opportunity following graduation or a mature position , one of the crucial assignments is to evaluate strengths , weaknesses , opportunities and threats that may determine his or her work choice . This is most adequately done with the help of a rigorous SWOT analysis . Mooney (2001 defines SWOT analysis as a structured way to analyze these four factors as a preliminary step to 1 ) developing a strategic plan to establish or improve our “business ” in [banner_entry_middle]

general , 2 ) helping us implement individual program improvements that are needed , and 3 ) enhancing our personal skills as leaders . The latter aspect of the analysis is especially al for anyone interested in a realistic assessment of one ‘s skills and possibilities in the career realm

I am also taking an opportunity to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses with the help of a powerful framework that can help me make better decisions . This analysis will help me find my competitive advantage relative to peers looking for the same positions . At the same time , it will help me better evaluate my chances of getting a vacancy suited to my personal needs and abilities


My most obvious strength is a college education . Graduating from a college in Germany , I have acquired basic skills and expertise that help me position myself to recruiters . Since it was a reputable institution I can say that I have gained solid knowledge that prepared me for a job that requires independent thinking and analytic skills

I am now pursuing a second degree in England University , which is also one of my strengths . This fact demonstrates that I am serious about learning new things and can effectively try to improve my knowledge continuously . After I complete this degree , I will be better able to understand the fundamentals of the field I am studying . This will undoubtedly make me a valuable employee

Another of my strengths is my working experience . Working as an intern in an export and import trading company , I acquired knowledge about daily business tasks . In addition , I became disciplined learned to work in teams . My working experience exposed me to the way business decisions are made and helped me better understand the process of managing a company and specific operations . It also greatly improved my interpersonal skills , teaching me to communicate with different kinds of people . Working in a fast-paced environment , I learned to do things quickly and accept responsibility for what I am doing . Overall , I am undoubtedly a more mature person after this working experience , which is also one of my strengths

I also have a lot of strengths related to my personal characteristics Thus , I am a very self-disciplined person . I have developed this quality through work and study

I am also a very optimistic person who is able to put a lot of energy in any project . In fact , I do have high level of energy

I have the ability… [banner_entry_footer]


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