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Having been born in the United States I realize that I have been given one of the greatest privileges that can be bestowed on any one person and my goal to become an officer in the United States Navy is a direct result of my upbringing as an American citizen . For me , the Navy core values of honor , courage , and commitment has shaped my life from the beginning and has led me down a path that has led me to realize just how important it is to be a capable member of something as [banner_entry_middle]

important as the U .S . Navy . To this end , I am applying for a commissioning officer position through admission to the Physician Assistant Program , with the knowledge that my dedication to the Navy ‘s core values must be even stronger and that I will be challenged at every turn to give my all for my country . My dedication , work ethic , experience and personal values will contribute to the greater Navy as a whole

The Navy ‘s core values are as much a part of me as a person as everything else in my life . Honor is extremely important to me , and my dedication to conducting myself ethically in all of my endeavors and within each of my relationships has been a strong focus of my life . I thrive on the integrity and responsibility that is such a part of the Navy ‘s core values and will bring this strength to the greater Navy . My strong love of this country has pushed me to be courageous in all aspects , and even when a task if difficult , trying , or hazardous I am willing to sacrifice my own person for the greater good of this country It is difficult to be courageous without having a passion , and for me the defense and security of our nation is something for which I am very passionate . My commitment to the Navy will enhance my ability to respect up and down the chain of command and to demand only the best from myself . Commitment is the strongest core value that directs my life and my goals

I am seeking a commission for several reasons , but my primary aim is to give something back to a nation that has allowed me to live free and safe . Pursuant to this goal , I wish to be in a position of optimal effectiveness in the context of service to my country , and I feel my skills and capabilities are best suited to the tasks assigned to a United States Naval Officer . As an officer in the Navy I feel as though I can reach more people and touch there lives to train and guide the sailors appointed under my command . I wish to be a part of the United States military and to serve at the absolute best of my abilities . I desire the next step on my goals in life . I want to affect peoples lives positively , and to dedicate my talents and skills to… [banner_entry_footer]


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