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Today was not much different than any other ordinary day . I usually play computer games all day long . However , it kept me oblivious to the ever increasing gap between me and the society in which I now live . One extraordinary thing did happen , though , after I switched my TV station from my favorite MTV channel to an old-time-channel ‘ From the introduction of the program I noticed it was about the business triumph of Lee Ka Cheng of Hong Kong . The word triumph ‘ caught my attention which caused me to continue watching this program [banner_entry_middle]

. Surprisingly , the longer I watched and listened to his story , the more I was influenced by this passionate business leader who earned his empire through his great adaptability and hard work . Although I have only heard of Lee ‘s story through the TV , his character had changed my life in many ways

First , Lee taught me the importance of knowledge through sharing his personal experience . As someone who craves knowledge would do , Lee bought used textbooks and solution manuals to study at home because he could not afford the tuition of school . In addition , when his roommates went out Lee stayed home to digest more books . Lee emphasized the importance of knowledge through experience . He explained that he would do his best on any job he could find in to improve every aspect of his newly-gained knowledge . After Lee ‘s short lesson , I could clearly see the starting point of a pathway towards my own success and I was compelled to follow his lead

Ever since this encounter with Lee , I have treated my education (both from books and experience ) more seriously , and found a job as a corporate conference planner from which I gained a substantial amount of experience . Furthermore , I have created a goal and put together a list of things I thought I needed to learn in to reach it . When I was not busy with school or work , I would study the information that would help me move towards my goal and I enjoyed doing it

In addition to the way Lee values education , he also taught me about the amount of hard work and effort it takes to become successful . For instance , Lee wakes up at 5 :00 am every day regardless of how he feels During his early twenties he worked an average of fourteen hours a day at the end of which he would study with an English tutor most of the night . In contrast , I don ‘t keep a schedule and yet I enjoyed my life all day long . However , I soon found myself disappointed by my lack of discipline . Now I am motivated by Lee ‘s passion towards success . I cut down my playtime and reinvested it into education and experience through work . I attended extra tutor sessions to clarify problems I had with my school work , and to further expand my work experience I still ran three successful corporate annual conferences with five hundred attendees… [banner_entry_footer]


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