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: help us understand your reasons for applying to the College of Nursing . Tell us about your educational and career goals , and your reasons for seeking a degree in nursing . You may include any additional information about yourself that would assist us

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I would like to have an essay that reflects my background and my goals

I am from Haiti . I am currently an LPN . I worked for Vitas Hospice . I would like to earn a BSN . I am compassionate . Nursing is my interest since I was growing [banner_entry_middle]

up seeing my grandmother delivering babies in Haiti

I have completed my Licensed Practical Nursing (LCN ) program , and I would like to seek entry for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN Course from this University . My main career objective is to serve humanity to the best of my interest , knowledge , skill and competence , in my field of specialization that is nursing

Currently , I am working for Vitas Hospice , and I am originally from Haiti . As an LPN , I work with a lot of elderly and sick patients requiring nursing care during terminal illness . Helping the elderly and the sick gives in whatever small way I can , gives me a lot of inner satisfaction , once I observe the reaction of the patient . I do feel that I am engaged in one of the noblest professions . Besides , training knowledge and skill , the nursing professionals require developing a lot of compassion , empathy , patience , conscience and understanding , while providing care to the patients . This according to me is the most important characteristics that nurses should develop . All other issues remain secondary

I would like to continue my research and learning in this beautiful profession . A degree in nursing would help me to know new things about the profession , develop greater professional competence and would also put be in a better position to provide care and help to my patients .Nursing has really fascinated me since I was a child . I feel a great sense of satisfaction in caring for elders and ill people . I had experienced these characteristics of nursing when my grandmother was admitted to the nursing home for a delivery . The nurses who were responsible for taking care of her did a very good job . They gave her all the love , care and affection , which helped her to recover very quickly . My grandmother frequently praised these nurses , which gave me a positive attitude towards this profession right through childhood and adolescence

I do feel that nursing is a kind of relationship or bonding that develops between the patient and the nurse . It develops within a very short period of time and both the patient and the nurse have to go through a lot of problems . This relationship begins following the admission of the patient into the hospital , continues right throughout the stay and ends after the patient is discharged . I do feel that further learning , would enable me with greater level of professional competence , and also… [banner_entry_footer]


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