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Personal Experience Essay

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Part I


For someone who has always seen himself as lesser superior than others for someone whose confidence is always behind the scene for someone who has never really seen himself any bigger than a green pea for someone who has acquired numbers of rejection which , apparently , outnumbered number of acceptance from people around him for someone who used to just exist – just exist – who would have thought it would come to this point


I cannot consider my life as an extraordinary this world had ever had [banner_entry_middle]

Each person has a story to tell and I must say mine is not really something different . While some people spend their lives with lots of colors around them , some just do not – and as much as I hate to admit , I spent many years of my life belonging to the second group . I go with flow and that has always been the case . It goes this way : I knew I need to attend school and so I did . I have to do well in school or else I will suffer from all the criticisms – the usual criticisms . It is never easy to live in other people ‘s expectations to the point that it is what they want that drives you . It is your body under their minds . I can now imagine how pathetic that was . All the while , though , I do not think I was as inspired as the rest of the class was . I did not make lots of friends from school . No big deal ! But there were times when I also deal with thinking of the reasons for the `empty ‘ life . Those days would usually end with me getting no answer than `It must be me ‘ Although I acknowledge the fact that each of us has our own set of preferences and all the while , I lived in the thought that I just prefer to live my life like this – lonely , detached , alone . It was tiring when you care for no one and more when no one cares for you . This probably exhibits the self-centered approach known to men . My being careless about others exhibits my being self-centered while others being self-centered is signified by how I saw them treating me

I started my career as an advocate of science and technology . Yes , my first degree was Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering . I used to get fascinated with breakthroughs science gets to offer – all those inventions and advances in technology . Awesome ! Hale great Breath-taking ! Fantastic ! All those praises . Nothing can beat the feeling of having invented something out of nothing . Or the feeling of being the one to drastically improve the current state of something for the benefit of people around the globe – it is always satisfying ! Or so I was told . But who could tell it was not really a career of choice ? I was one of those high school graduates who do not really know what they want to happen in their lives . And so… [banner_entry_footer]


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