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Running Head : Application of Criminology

Application of Criminology

My response to Crimes Against Me

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My response to Crimes Against Me

This essay explores the possible means by which I would deal with the scenario of finding a friend of my son in my house attempting to steal from me . The following are some actions I could take and the avenue I would definitely pursue . I will discuss why I would call the police , his parents [banner_entry_middle]

, and also speak to my son about it

In a society of children being raised on video games and multitasking while doing homework , it does not surprise me that I would catch one of my son ‘s friend breaking into my home to steal what he could to support some habit or just to gain some money . What concerns me , though , is that he would be able to pick the deadbolt lock on the door and feel comfortable enough to be in my house given his relationship with my son

A lot of variables are at play here that need to be considered . Not that they will change the course of my action , but to evaluate how far I would be willing to go . I am a firm believer that all humans deserve some level of respect , even when they do things that make you want to lash out at them . The human psyche is a formidable opponent and left unchecked can do a great deal of damage to character and integrity

Statistics show that youth are more likely to get caught while committing crime than are adults . Juvenilejusticefyi .com reports

A one-to-one ratio does not exist between arrests and crimes . In some cases one crime may result in several arrests (especially among youth who frequently commit crimes in groups . In other cases a number of crimes may result in only one arrest

Another alarming factor this website acknowledges is that although there may be multiple crimes being committed only the highest ranking one will be placed on a perpetrator ‘s record . And though the overall crime rate for young offenders is down many of them become habitual criminals (Rowntree Fpundation

At the risk of sounding like a parent in this matter , I would also have a concern about his use of marijuana . Given what I know about this drug I realize the lowering of inhibitions it can promote and also consider this while thinking about how far I need to carry charges against this young man . The Office of Applied Studies records that marijuana use contributes to low grades in school and increases overall disrespect for others and even oneself (NHSDA report

What motivates this young man is also a consideration

Background factors would include psychological characteristics , like how intelligent the person is social factors like family background and demographic factors , like what kind of neighborhood the criminal comes from . Situational factors would include persuasion by friends , arguments with spouse , or whether… [banner_entry_footer]


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