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Personal Activity and Diet Plan

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p Introduction

A healthy diet , a regular physical activity and keeping a happy attitude are the three most important aspects to maintain good weight . Healthy weight reduces the risk of heart diseases , high blood pressure arthritis etc , Body mass index (BMI ) indicates whether one ‘s weight is appropriate or over weight which is at a greater risk for other diseases . For women with a BMI of 25 to 29 .9 are considered as overweight whereas women with BMI with 30 are considered as obese . With little planning a perfect diet that blends [banner_entry_middle]

with one ‘s life style can be practiced in to maintain a good health

Three important things about nutrition

The most important three things about nutrition are (1 ) fruits and vegetables (2 ) regular exercise (3 ) positive mental attitude . A regular in take of fruits and vegetables add rich nutrients to health Benefits of eating in raw form are also a variety apart from offering remedies of ailments such as diabetes , high blood pressure , high cholesterol etc , Raw diet also melts excess weight and keeps the body in perfect form

Cooked and hot served food is the another best source of vitamins and proteins . A good understanding of diet values that are displayed on packed and canned foods will further provide health and nutrition concepts such as serving size , how to rate the daily nutrient value calories etc

Maintaining a good diet chart according to the calories required per day and foods of choice and maintaining timely meals is an effective tool for keeping good health . Irrespective of age and gender , diet chart will help a person to count on in take of calories and sign of warning as and when calories are exceed ways and means to burn the calories

Regular exercise will help the system of body to keep active throughout the day apart from keeping the body in shape . This is also another important aspect apart from nutrition . Fitness will help heart functioning and muscle functioning to keep active and thus provides good appetite and relief from stress and tiredness . Also a person can lose excess weight by regular exercise , helps brain to work faster and offers resistance to fight infections

Efforting to keep a home gym with simple physical equipment of exercise would do no harm or considering a regular walk is also an effective remedy for losing weight and to keep physically fit . Taking note of exercise time and checking weight periodically would further help a person to make improvements wherever required . Depending on the working hours and schedule , time for physical activity must be allocated as desk job requires mind activity rather than physical activity . Swimming must be considered only in fresh water and cycling must be in safer environment . Whatever method of physical fitness is adopted , it must be regular and for a particular time

Positive mental attitude is the final important aspect for good health Improving self-confidence through reading good books such as Dale Carnegie and novels of Sidney Sheldon will… [banner_entry_footer]


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