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Performance Appraisals

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Performance Appraisal

The multiple choice examination or the true and false questionnaire is perhaps the best and the fairest method of performance appraisal in educational institutions today , given that it allows for no possibility of biased judgments of teachers being involved in the evaluation of a student ‘s understanding of the material studied . This is especially true when fantastic machines read the shaded circles of the correct or wrong answers on the special computerized s that academic institutions have made available for such tests

Performance appraisal is essential not only in [banner_entry_middle]

schools and on the job , but also in everyday situations with one ‘s friends and family . An individual desires to know what others think of him , particularly when he or she has performed well in any given situation . Children feel happy to know that they have been good . Wives are delighted to know that their efforts at beautifying themselves were not wasted and their husbands admire them still . And , all employees who have performed their duties to the best of their abilities desire to know that their employers agree with them (Hansen , 1996 . This is , in fact , a major factor in employee motivation , given that a good feel ‘ is all it takes to motivate an employee . In cases where employees have not done well in Employee Comparison Procedures or otherwise , the feedback which is performance appraisal , should help them work on their past mistakes and improve their performances in the present and the future

Another factor that makes performance appraisals indispensable is that these evaluations help employers to decide how to reward each employee according to his or her performance . Gregorio Billikopf (2006 writes that performance appraisal is the most


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important management tool after employee selection . This is because it is the performance appraisal that keeps an organization running by helping the managers make decisions on retention , termination promotion , transfer , salary increase or decrease , or admission into a training program (Hansen

There are many approaches to performance appraisal , e .g . the rank method where all employees are ranked according to their performances the paired comparison method where each employee is compared to every other employee and the force distribution method where each employee ‘s performance is evaluated under a large number of categories . There are also management consultancy services selling specialized software and skills for performance appraisal . All the same , the most important fact to remember about these evaluations is that both the employer ‘s and the employee ‘s perception of the evaluation process must be absolutely fair and square . Nobody appreciates dishonesty and prejudice


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