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Pepperdine application

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1 . While many people believe that `the end always justifies the means I feel that this is not the way to look at any given situation Throughout history , many catastrophic events have occurred because people or nations did not think about the means they were using in to get their own way . To say that the end justifies the means would imply that whatever one must do in to get a positive result at the end is right and this is simply not true . My faith teaches me that there are ways of [banner_entry_middle]

treating others that we must adhere to , and that there is a clear and defined distinction between right and wrong . To accept the idea that the end justifies the means would mean that all of us would have to admit that right can be wrong and wrong can sometimes be right

In the modern , contemporary world of today this seems to be the accepted thought pattern for many people . As long as someone gets their way or wins then they feel that they are in the right or that all of the bad things they ‘ve done in pursuit of their ultimate goal are somehow forgotten . Historically , this attitude has caused a lot of heartache and sadness as events like the Holocaust were allowed to happen because a majority felt that by ridding themselves of the minority in this case the Jews , then the end result would be a more powerful , more stable nation for the Germans . Looking at it from this perspective , it is obvious that the ends do not always justify the means and that this attitude can be dangerous

It is not possible for me to accept that there are situations where it is all right to harm others or do something unethically in to accomplish my goal . I feel that if I am to be truly proud of myself and my success then I must be able to accomplish my goals through hard work dedication and ethical means . In a world where the majority are out for themselves and feel that this statement is true , I wholeheartedly believe that my faith must guide me to make better decisions

2 . The most attractive thing to me about pursuing higher education at Pepperdine University is that I would be able to not only explore the world of academia but also that of my spiritual beliefs . I have always believed that it is important to educate oneself about everything , even those things that we do not necessarily believe in , because in to truly understand and affirm our own faith we must be able to defend our beliefs against those who believe differently . To this end , I believe that `truth has nothing to fear from investigation ‘ because as I learn more about the world around me and the alternative beliefs , my faith in God and His Word has only been strengthened more

It is difficult in today ‘s world to be a Christian… [banner_entry_footer]


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