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People Management

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Introduction This analyses the relationships of : context features ‘ and models ‘ of human resource [management] strategy in a given real business case published in an electronic media magazine (see Griffiths , 2006 ) with accompanying personal commentaries

the context that Kwik-Fit emphasizes with its 850 employees

Kwik-Fit Financial Services (KFFS , an offshoot from the auto-repair business [known as] Kwik-Fit . founded 10 years ago ‘ is a service-oriented enterprise run by 850 ‘ people . KFFS began by selling motor insurance policies , but has since diversified into services ranging from life assurance to pet cover p [banner_entry_middle]

The business model ‘ of the enterprise is plain and simple every time a customer uses a Kwik-Fit auto centre , their contact details are forwarded to KFFS , which follows up the most promising leads ‘ for one of its diversified services ( Around four million customers use Kwik-Fit auto centres in the UK each year , which means an average of 10 ,000 leads come into KFFS every night ‘ This is the business opportunity that KFFS does not want to miss and is taking advantage of since it comes to the company naturally without any apparent marketing efforts , so to speak

In October 2006 , KFFS won the CIPD People Management Award ‘ Behind this achievement is the company ‘s HR director , Karen Edwards , who , after leading the winning of her company in said competition , has moved on to the next stage of her plan to make the company a fantastic place to work

The success story of KFFS in winning the competition is based on two factors , as written in the article , namely (1 ) reduced staff turnover rates at the Lanarkshire call centre , which dropped from 52 per cent to 34 per cent . [s]ince October that downward trend has continued with turnover falling by another 2 per cent ‘ and (2 ) there are currently no vacancies at the company [as of the writing of the article] , a far cry from the vacancy rate of 21 per cent when Edwards joined KFFS as HR director in 2001

Edwards says ‘ writes Griffiths , it is important to make KFFS a great place to be because the work can be tough for the 850 employees . so that [b]osses need to empathise if they are to get the most from the workforce ‘ Furthermore , People are doing repetitive jobs and selling things that people have to buy rather than want to buy . Motor insurance doesn ‘t make you feel as great as buying a new dress and people are selling this kind of product every day in a competitive market

Comments The article talks about KFFS ‘ winning of a People Management Award ‘ while operating under a certain business model ‘ however there is one very important business component that is not mentioned – this is money . The article (or the HR director ) failed to mention the corresponding amount of 18 (52 – 34 ) resulting from reduced staff turnover . It is not also clear how much percent was improved in the vacancy rate ‘ The article is obviously focused on people especially when the HR director… [banner_entry_footer]


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