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Invention Is the interesting and engaging

Yes . The is very relevant to today ‘s young working people , many of whom have families or are planning to start families . Work /life balance programs are something that would make life easier for these people . If a company has one , it may help in deciding to go with that company when choosing jobs Has the writer spent enough time generating material for this essay

Mostly . The writer could expand the essay , as parts of it tend to repeat [banner_entry_middle]

, and few specific examples are cited What would make the essay more interesting

The writer should cite specific examples of what she like or disliked about the article , rather than being very general . The writer should also organize the essay a little better so there is not so much repetition . The conclusion is rather abrupt as well

Purpose What is the purpose of the essay

The purpose is to inform readers about a writer ‘s information and opinion on work /life balance programs , as well as stating this writer ‘s own opinion about the use of work /life balance programs What do you think the writer is trying to accomplish in his or her essay

The writer is trying to explain the necessity of work /life balance programs for most companies Is the essay focused around a main theme or thesis

Yes , it is focused around the theme of work /life balance programs and their benefits and drawbacks to employees and employers . Generally , the writer is for these programs How could the writer focus the essay more carefully

Provide more specific examples of what was good about the programs , what types of programs there were , what arguments the original writer used and why these were good . Rethink the conclusion and restate thesis then make closing statements – don ‘t leave it with an example of how the programs wouldn ‘t work for some companies . The introduction is good until the middle , where the writer starts saying I ‘m going to tell you about ‘ Avoid this if possible . Organize thoughts about what was good /bad more carefully and keep them in separate paragraphs and state each point only once unless it is particularly important and needs to be reiterated

Content /Development Does the writer provide enough s and details

The best paragraph is where the writer talks about the bad points of the article and specifies how it could have been better . There are not enough details and s in the beginning , though . The writer says the same things several different times without providing real details What ideas and areas in the essay should the writer describe more carefully

The writer should describe what was good about the article , the argument , and the work /life balance programs in general in more detail What needs more careful defining

Types of work /life balance programs , exactly why they ‘re good for companies and employees

Audience Does the writer consider the needs… [banner_entry_footer]


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