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Pearl harbor

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In Pearl Harbor ,1 1H .

. Willmott , Pearl Harbor (London , England Cassell Company , 2001 . To avoid clutter , this review will adhere to a convention of book reviews , citing this book only by page number (s ) in subsequent notes . H .

. Willmott has written a fine , and in many ways a very enjoyable book , which will serve as a useful introduction to the subject , even if it cannot be listed as an in-depth scholarly work . A clue to this is that the pages of the book [banner_entry_middle]

are wider (10 1 /4 ‘bc inches than they are tall (10 inches , a feature often found in ’93coffee table ’94 volumes , but virtually never found in scholarly treatises Secondly , this book emphasizes visual materials : posters commemorating Japan ’92s victory in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 (12-13 photographs from Japan ’92s campaign in Manchuria in 1931 (15 photographs and diagrams of the great warships (26-27 , 28 , 29 , 32-39 42 , 46-53 , 58-59 , diagrams of the various war planes (54-57 , 61 ,64-65 68-72 , a photograph of the miniature model of Pearl Harbor the Japanese built to develop training films (62 , color maps showing the Japanese approach to Pearl Harbor , maps showing the approaches taken by the Japanese aircraft attacking American air defenses (102-03 ) and the second wave concentrating on American ships (110-11 , and photograph after photograph detailing the devastation that the attacks wrought (104-09 , 112-26 , 128-32 , 135 , 139-41 . Willmott also supplies several tables , showing such details as the number of aircraft on each aircraft carrier (185 , 188-89 , the number and of the ships in each fleet (199 , and the American aircraft and ship losses throughout the Pacific during the grim opening days of the conflict (203

What there is not is extended detailed discussion of the issues involved with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor or the wider question of why the Japanese felt compelled to attack the United States Notably , the discussion that Willmott provides is precise and often detailed . He covers considerable ground in the limited of text that he offers . This book is A REVIEW OF H .

. WILLMOTT , PEARL HARBOR Page not a comprehensive study of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

One of the key issues which Willmott does not address directly in detail is why Japan decided that war was the only way to deal with the United States . Willmott identifies the commander-in-chief of the Combined Fleet , Yamamoto Isoroku , as the key Japanese commander directing the operation against Pearl Harbor , but for brevity sake , he gives nothing about his background , or his scepticism about war with America . Yamamoto understood the tremendous resources that the United States could bring to a war . In 1940 , he had predicted that if Japan and the United States went to war , Japan would enjoy six to twelve months of unbroken victories . After that , however , he believed Japan would be beaten . 2 2 ’93Yamamoto : The Admiral Who Planned Pearl Harbor ’94 Digger History Accessed November 26… [banner_entry_footer]


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