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SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1 Parenting

Children ‘s Health

Are you a parent with concerns or questions about keeping your child healthy ? You may post here about any area of children ‘s health , be it feeding , common illnesses , allergies , or whatever else you need to discuss with another parent


What kind of discipline do you use with your child ? Do you prefer time outs ‘ or spanking ? Maybe you have an older child , and find grounding them from activities works best . How do you give needed punishment and not mentally [banner_entry_middle]

or physically trouble your child ‘s well-being ? Share your thoughts on discipline here

Exercise for Kids

Would your little one rather play video games than go outside and play Maybe your child would like to play outside , but your living situation doesn ‘t provide the space . Anyone is free to offer tips on how to excite a couch potato ‘ or indoor activities to burn the energy of a child with few outside play options

Separation Anxiety

It can happen at any age . Suddenly , your baby only wants you , or your grade schooler departs for class everyday in a torrent of tears Separation anxiety is common and natural , but it can be hard to deal with . This forum is for those going through separation anxiety and those who have gotten through it . Share your stories , and learn from others experience

Birth Defects

Every parent dreams of a perfect ‘ baby , but sometimes things beyond our control happen in the womb that make the baby not so perfect ‘ If your child has a birth defect of any kind , this is the place to go to share information and receive support from others in a similar situation

Living with Mental Handicaps

Mental handicaps can range from mild to very profound , but no matter the severity , parenting a mentally handicapped child can be confusing and emotionally draining . This area is for parents to come and discuss what they , and their child , are going through , and to draw support from each other

Men ‘s Health Issues

Keeping Active

Activity and exercise are usually no problem for young men , but as men age they tend to be stuck behind desks and have obligations around the house . This does not leave much time for healthy activity . If you are a man who has found ways to stay active despite daily work , post your ideas and comments here for others to learn from

Alcohol Consumption

Wherever men gather , there is likely to be alcohol . There is no harm in having a drink , but men , more than women , tend to push their drinking to extremes . There are major health risks associated with alcoholism , not to mention the danger of drunk driving . If you have overcome a problem with alcohol , put your comments in this forum . You may help to save a fellow man

Aggression and Tempers

Probably due to work stress and the predominate thought that men should hold their problems in , men often explode and hurt the… [banner_entry_footer]


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