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parental involvement

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Involving Parents and Caregivers in Children ‘s Education

Parents play an important factor in children ‘s life . They serve as role models for the kids . Parents are also persons who kids look up to . As a child grows , it is the parents or sometimes the caregivers , who observes the strengths and weaknesses of the kid . They serve as the child ‘s guide in growing up . For the purpose of definition , a caregiver is an individual , such as a parent , foster parent , or head of a household , who attends to the needs of a [banner_entry_middle]

child or dependent adult (Caregiver

Involving both the parent and the caregiver on the education of a child or children plays an important factor in the learning process of the child . Cotton and Wikelunds ‘ research showed that parent involvement in children ‘s learning is positively related to achievement . Their research also shows that the more intensively parents are involved in their children ‘s learning , the more the beneficial are the achievement effects

The higher the interaction of the parent or caregiver and the child the most likely the child will succeed and achieve well in his studies This could also mean that the child finds the involvement of his parents very useful and feels that he is given importance by his parents and reciprocates the act by doing well in school

Also , parents should be involved in their children ‘s education so that they will have a better understanding the process the school their child or children is attending to . Moreover , it also improves parent-children relationship as its gives more time with each other . In this way also the parent will know or have an idea if their children are having some problems with school . Another reason also that should motivate parents to be involved in the education of their children is that there involvement enhances the self-esteem of their children making them to be more confident in school and in other things that they do . And lastly it advances the scholastic achievements of the children

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