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Parens Patriae

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Parens Patriae


Parens Patriae

Parens patriae literally means “parent of the state ” in Latin . It refers to a rule , derived from the English common law , empowering the monarch to act as guardian and protector of persons–e .g , children and mentally incompetent individuals ( Parens Patriae

With regards to juveniles who commit delinquent acts within their jurisdiction , this doctrine authorizes the state or the country to care for and act in behalf of them . Juveniles are considered to be helpless ‘ especially when it comes to the issue of crimes and the [banner_entry_middle]

br state has a moral and legal authority to protect their well-being . A manifestation of the doctrine of parens patriae is a state legislation for child welfare and laws to protect juvenile delinquents . By their nature , the latter cannot effectively help themselves , thus , the state laws created to treat them differently from adult criminals

The integrated approach to remediation of juvenile delinquents use theoretical and research tools to explain their behavior . By studying the causes and effects of their behavior , remediation of delinquents assumes a scientific stance where proven theories are tested and information are provided to come up with new ones (Burfeind , 2006 ) in to better rehabilitate them for reintegration to society

A lot of juvenile delinquent behavior has its origins in the community Using the community-based approach in the remediation of juvenile delinquents is an important aid in understanding the locus of some of the delinquent acts . By involving the community , the delinquents remediation may prove successful since the source of his negative behavior will also be the source of his healing (Gottfredson School-based Crime Prevention

The approach is also important in inculcating and emphasizing to the delinquents that they are responsible for their own actions . This forges a way for the delinquents to mend relations with the community as the victim of their acts (Kurlychek , Torbet , Bozynski , 1999


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