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Palestinian_ Israeli conflict

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Peace In Israel and Palestine

To come up with a plan that will bring peace in the Middle East between the Palestinians and the Israelis remains a riddle that seemingly has no clear answer . While many great leaders and minds have attempted to bring about a peaceful resolution , but have succeeded the most common answer has been to accord Palestine land , but that has not proven successful mainly because there is a feeling that all of Israel ‘s land belongs to the Palestinians . There are those who believe that Israel should be [banner_entry_middle]

dissolved and this will bring about the magical peace that everyone is looking for , but this belief is delusional

Therein lay the problems at the center of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict : radical theory and radical thought keeps both sides from clearly . While it would be unfair to ignore the Israeli acts of aggression over the years , it simply would not be logical to use Israeli aggression and expansion as a reason for providing legitimacy to out of control and dangerous radicalism that exists within Palestine . Before any progress can be made on the subject of peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians , irresponsible attacks by terrorist militias must be stopped

On a baseline level , for a peace process to succeed , there needs to be a radical departure from the current landscape that exists today . Much of the change needs to take place within Palestine , not because Israel is the good guy ‘ in the situation , but because the territories of Palestine are in such disarray that any legitimate peace process that is attempted will be undermined by the elements of instability that exist in the form of

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terrorist radicals that operate in the West Bank and Gaza . Eliminate the terrorism and the ability to achieve peace will be easier to pursue

While it will be hardly a suggestion that will be easily accepted , the Palestinians must accept the fact that pursuing a policy of the dissolution of Israel is not feasible . Such ideology has only lead to decades of perpetual war and violence and the loser in all these situations has been the Palestinian people . As long as there are factions within Palestine that seek the violent dissolution of Israel Palestine will never be able to develop into a state that can self sustain . These sentiments may be at odds with the radicalism that exists within the territories , there must be a realization on the part of the Palestinians that such nonsensical and dangerous radicalism has done nothing but bring disaster to Palestine

Before anything can be accomplished , a level of stability must be established within the territory of the West bank and the Gaza Strip . At the epicenter of any plan for stability , there must be a policy set in place that mortar attacks , suicide bombings and other acts of aggression against the state of Israel must be made patently illegal . Unauthorized militias and extremist groups must be disarmed and those who participate… [banner_entry_footer]


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