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PACT Analysis

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PACT analysis for an Interactive System

1 : PACT form

1 : People . Who will use the LOST ! system ? Who will be affected by its use ? Do any of the users have special requirements ? How will each user-type listed limit /extend what can be designed

The Lecture Organizer for the Students (LOST ) System was designed to help the students keep their notes effectively . It can be noticed that some students used notebooks or lecture pad , some highlights their book for important information regarding their in school , some keep lecture notes in their pc [banner_entry_middle]

‘s or laptops . When one particular is needed , the student have to browse all his notes in to find that one particular that he need . This is very time consuming that is why LOST system was born . Using this system , students can accelerate and maximize the use of their time in studying . They will have an easy time organizing their lectures . All they need is a pc , laptop , palm or any computer that is compatible with the LOST ! System 2 : Activities . What activities will LOST ! support (e .g . downloading notes , recording speech , linking slides to speech , support for summarizing revision information – not just note-taking ) What activities do users do now – are there any things they can ‘t do that they would like to

The LOST ! System will enable the user to download notes , record speech linking slides to speech , support for summarizing revision information and customize the notes to fit the need of the student . Using other system , students can be able to download notes but not to the point that they can personalized these information the way they want to cater their needs

3 : Context of use . Not just where the system will be used , but also any special conditions – will the environment be noisy , quiet , will the system need to be set up quickly etc . What will each of these context constraints mean for your system

The system can be use anywhere – in the house , office , park , anywhere as long as you have a pc , palm or laptop with you , you can access your s and notes . It is a hassle-free and student-friendly system Installing the system into your computer is also easy and the system requirement is not that hard . The system also occupies a little amount of space into your system . And it also allows your s to be compressed so that more s can be stored in your computers

4 : Technology . What will the hardware have to do (record audio download notes ) What will the software have to do ? How will the technology assist the activities outlined above ? Does the technology you choose suggest any opportunities for further activities

The good thing about the system is it protects your by means of asking for a password everytime you access your s . This lecture organizer accepts downloaded s in formats like .doc .xls .ppt .mp3 .mp4 .pdf .mpeg .jpeg .gif etc . If the user is connected to the internet , he… [banner_entry_footer]


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