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Packaging and Design

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Packaging and Design

BevCo ‘s new product as we know is an energy drink targeted at not just atheletes but ever health conscious man and woman who lies in the middle and upper classes of socio economic buying power . The best part about BevCo is that it is targeting a market which the current market leaders like Gatorade of Pepsi Co . and PowerAde of Coca-Cola have ignored in the past . Their target market is primarily athletes and people who need a quick energy boost while performing sports regardless of age or class (Gatroade [banner_entry_middle]

.com , n .d (PowerAde .com , n .d ) This means that a huge potential market comprising of people who aren ‘t as `sporty ‘ but equally health conscious as the ones targeted by the two giants is left untapped

Packaging of a product is an integral art of the product and the product experience . Its careful design and delivery is sometimes key to a products success . What needs to be seen first is how the drink will be consumed . Whether it will be in a liquid or powdered form (like Kool-Aid ) can also be considered here . The package itself (if liquid will be either a plastic bottle or an aluminum can . This package however need not be as sporty and user friendly for people on the go as drinks like PowerAde or Gatorade are . The target market is health conscious so the package and the label should communicate that as well . An example of Propel Fitness Water marketed by Gatorade can be taken here as this product targets a similar market and is not as sporty as Gatorade itself

The uniqueness of BevCo ‘s product is that it is fruit juice based (being natural ) and has health benefits . These can be best communicated by a frosty , yet clear bottle which shows at least the color of the beverage inside . The label will have the same color scheme as that of the brand The bottle itself should be in the proper serving size . As in a 250 ml serving size is usually the normal and a measure used by nutritionists as well . The packaging should also contain nutritional facts , not just to fulfill the rules and regulation requirements but also to communicate the health benefits of the drink

Hence the design should be practical and communicative enough and appealing as well keeping the target customers in mind


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