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overcoming an obstacle

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Overcoming an Obstacle : Stress


From some point of view , our life is setting different goals , small or great , and then doing our best to achieve them , fighting with difficulties and overcoming obstacles . Usually , it does not take a lot from us to learn , how to be tolerant to small daily troubles and solve them effectively . But sometimes we have to face something really complicated and frustrating , which doesn ‘t allow us to reach the goal easily . Certainly , it is a huge personal victory , when we finally manage to find the [banner_entry_middle]

way to overcome such obstacles and get closer to another new accomplishment

Speaking about my own life experience , I have to say that one of the most considerable obstacles I could overcome was permanent stress caused mostly by my study . During all the years in school I have been feeling rather pressed with my lessons and hard schoolwork . Moreover , I used to be excessively excited and nervous during the tests or examinations , so it frequently took a lot of time for me to calm down and get concentrated on the tasks to be solved . Of course , it always affected my grades to a great extent

I continued feeling a little stressed since I had joined the college initially because of separation with my school friends and family . But then the situation started growing worse with the necessity of more intensive studies , so sometimes I felt truly pressed and frustrated Unfortunately , for quite long time I could not accept this as a problem or obstacle to my academic success . All I used to think was : I have to work hard and manage with my lessons as well as possible ‘ Sometimes I had to work till experiences it was much more difficult to restore myself psychologically to continue my daily studies

Once , a friend of mine told me that I had to decrease my permanent anxiety about the lessons and not feel stressed all the time , so my progress in studies and my grades would become much better . That is how I realized that I ‘ve got a real problem , which had to be solved without any delay . I started looking for possible ways to overcome this obstacle to my personal advancement . First of all , I ‘ve learnt how to organize my time better and be more self-disciplined in all my activities in to get rid of my usual nervousness . Soon it became clear to me that this technique worked out and helped me to manage with my studies pretty well

It was a good start , so I went on developing my special strategy on fighting with stresses . I established my little rules , which always helped me to distract my attention from thinking about lessons and studies . I like nature very much , and in my free time I enjoyed having little walks around the campus . I used some relaxing and distracting activities , like dreaming or remembering something pleasant from my childhood . Also , I developed friendly relations with some of my… [banner_entry_footer]


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