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our understanding of words and sentences

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Semantics : The Power of Language

Language is a phenomenon which allows human beings to interact in a meaningful way with one another . Language began as a rudimentary system of hieroglyphics and has evolved into a highly complex system of the spoken and written word . As language in both spoken and written form has developed , so has man ‘s understanding of it . This understanding of both words and sentences has evolved along with the language itself and with the people who use it to create meaning

Word formation has occurred throughout time through [banner_entry_middle]

several processes Words were developed initially through other languages , through etymology and then progressed into the formation of new words altogether , which can occur through a variety of means . Next , words are arranged into sentences which carry both literal and implied meanings which can be based upon sounds and even the previous knowledge of those conversing . In many ways , word economy has resulted by adopting new words from existing words or from portions of existing words in an effort to simplify language

The process of economized words , which are words formed from existing words which then become commonly understood words in the language , is a major way in which the words of the language are formed . Coinage is a process of inventing completely new words from a source which seems to embody its meaning . One way in which this occurs is to create the word kleenex from the brand name of Kleenex (instead of tissue ) and xerox as a verb after the Xerox brand of copy machines . Furthermore , eponyms can be created from individuals ‘ names such as to hoover from Hoover who invented the vacuum cleaner and the concept of the sandwich from the Earl of Sandwich (Yule , 2006

Another process of economizing words is called blending . Blending occurs when the beginning of one word is combined with the ending of another word . This new word then enters the language as an original word . For example , a blended word for the product of gasoline made with alcohol is gasohol . The meal which is a combination of breakfast and lunch has become represented with the word brunch . Of course , this process can occur with the beginnings of two words as well . The word modem is a blend of modulator and demodulator , and the new concept of Spanglish is the blending of English and Spanish (Yule , 2006 , made even more popular by a recent motion picture of the same name

By blending words together , the meaning from the original words is already intact . Thus , the meaning of the resulting word does not have to be suddenly relearned . The meaning already exists because the words already exist . In this way , the economy of the English language is maintained without the need for learning new definitions and uses

A third process of word economy is referred to as clipping . With this process , a longer word is reduced to a shortened form of itself . This shortened from , like blending , carries the same meaning… [banner_entry_footer]


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