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Organizational Structure

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Organizational structure

Organizational Function

DuPont is a multinational company that is represented in 70 countries worldwide . Obviously that it is a crucial thing for the company to be able to manage all the employees around the world that work in different DuPont units . Moreover , considering the fact that the company works on different innovation constantly , establishing R D centres , it is also important to control the process of technological flow . That is why taking into account diverse human resources worldwide , the company had chosen a geocentrical approach to human resources management [banner_entry_middle]

and therefore the appropriate organizational structure , which supposes one strong coordination centre or head office and many holding companies worldwide , which belongs to the parent company , but have much autonomy Such organizational structure allows both to hire people that best suit given position regardless of the country of origin , as well as control all the major processes within the whole organization worldwide

B . Organizational design

Different department that exist within the organization determine the functional organizational structure of the company . It means that DuPont has different units that are specialized on different professional areas within single organization (marketing , finance , production etc . This kind of design suits best for the multinational company , since it allows concentrating effort on specific areas and attract people from different countries where DuPont operates to work in specific fields where they are best qualified at . Moreover , departmentalization also determines the geocentrical approach to management as well , since it is more reasonable to delegate authority to separate department to hold specific marketing campaign or financial resources rather than one parent company worldwide


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