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Organizational Reseach & Theory

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Organizational Research and Theory

A certain business organization indeed has its own priorities and goals and commonly , these are all inclined to the desire to efficiently maximize their production thus increasing their profits . However , since their main consumers of the said business organizations are people who are willing to trust their personal lives and welfare on the hands of these producers for the sake of gaining and acquiring the benefits offered by the services of the said organizations . Consider a situation where a business organization can choose to either sacrifice their [banner_entry_middle]

product ‘s quality for profit or maintain their quality with sacrifice on there profits . The ethical answer to the said scenario would surely be quality rather than profit however , the practical answer would be the other way around . Nevertheless , in deciding in this scenario , one must not only look at the present but also on how the decrease of quality in the product would affect the consumers of the said item and the function it has for the society . What if the product is used on the healthcare aspect and that the decrease in its quality would results to dire consequences , is the practical solution really appropriate than the ethical one

Business organizations are indeed formed on the goals of earning profits however , every actions and decision they make should always be made with ethical consideration . Because each of their moves will have its own effects on the society , they are significantly accountable for each of it especially the quality of their products and services thus they must also consider the importance of their quality rather than solely focusing on their profits . Indeed , ethical behavior is more important in business organizations rather than the practical approach of being profit-oriented


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