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Organizational methods and tone used in Douglas Todd’s “Beware the Boredom Boom”

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Todd is able to start presenting his argument for boredom as a chronic syndrome having an increasingly negative effect on our society . He cites various studies and scientific figures as a means of building his case for the deeply-impacting negative effects of boredom , outlining what a truly serious and potentially devastating problem it really is . He also directly addresses the seeming paradox of boredom becoming such a prevalent plague in a society which is constantly bombarded with various forms of stimulation and ever-experience-enhancing advancing technology Plugged in at home and on [banner_entry_middle]

the street to TV , the Internet , laptops DVDs , cell phones and MP3s , many young people are becoming merely reactive (pp . XXX . In fact , through his carefully presented research and thoroughly articulated arguments , Todd is able to effectively show the reader just how it is those very elements are what is causing promoting , and perpetuating this increasingly threatening downward spiral of aimless boredom

Todd ‘s organizational method here was highly effective , because he is effectively able to grab the reader ‘s attention right from the beginning , and , once he had it , he is able to maintain that attention through his various examples of scientific research , personal testimonies , and direct quotes . This organizational method also succeeded in forcing the reader to take the subject matter seriously which was Todd ‘s primary goal . He was also able to succeed in doing this with his writing style and tone

Todd ‘s tone throughout this piece is slightly humorous while also remaining very serious . His tone can seem light-hearted at times , and his personal voice is ever present in his word choice and sentence construction : It was impossible to be bored in hard-scrabble primitive days because the fight for survival kept you forever on your toes (pp XXX . However , this light-hearted writing style is… [banner_entry_footer]


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