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Organizational behavior – Trends

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Business ethics embodies a particular manner of how ethics influences decision-making . It normally affects a company ‘s management by virtue of ethical expectations , both inside and outside the company . Management decisions are also constrained by the awareness of ramifications that result from a lack of ethics (Boyd , 2004 ,

. 35 . This is the primary reason that most companies have adopted or established internal ethics codes for the compliance of all employees

The manager of today is challenged to meld the demands of the organization and the needs [banner_entry_middle]

of the individual worker into a functioning whole . Education in today ‘s work environment will be successful if we formulate activities that are engaging as much as they are educational and if we adapt to new technologies that will help complement classroom interaction . Drive and resilience are especially important when someone sets out to do something no one else has done or when that person faces setbacks and failures

Ethics in the workplace can involve people who negotiate and face situations in their work or dealings with other people in which ethical dilemmas arise . The individuals in these cases are faced with ethical questions in their relations with customers , employees , and members of a larger society . More often than not , the answers to these questions are difficult because it involves weighing of values . Conflicting values in a given situation are not capable of compromise . One has to choose one over another . Sometimes , the ethically correct course of action is clear , and hopefully individuals act accordingly . But the answers are often not simple . The dilemma is most commonly presented when ethical concerns come into conflict with the practical demands of business

This ties up with learning , just as importantly since this involves self-examination from the employees and up the organizational chart seeking for strengths and maximizing it , zooming on mistakes and inefficiencies and eliminating or minimizing them , and after every step of improvement , includes patting everyone involved at the back and rewarding them for a job well done . If the managers knew what makes their employees unsatisfied and unhappy , they can offer more to the existing and incoming batches of employees

Again , as stated early on in the , it all boils down to responsibility . As Kimmel mentions , Being responsible for a piece of work ‘ requires an employee to have a strong sense of self-direction and work . It needs a willingness to take personal responsibility for getting a piece of work done (Kale , 1996 . But for the true self-directed employee , this can be pure bliss . Responsibility is the key word here for these individuals , whether male or female , are also good team members . Technostress is a new term coming up these days in reaction to technology and how or lives are changing due to its influence . For several years now , as technology has become an increasingly prevalent part of our lives , technostress impacts people ‘s lives , their family and their work environment . Because technology lets us do so much , today… [banner_entry_footer]


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