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Economic oppression can be defined in several ways . One definition is the cruel financial burden or a person , group , or region of people . The oppressor in these instances would be anyone in a position of authority or power over individuals , groups , or regions . This group ranges from a small unit such as a parent or husband , to a CEO of a company , to as large scale as a dictator . The oppressed would be anyone under such control who has no other financial [banner_entry_middle]

means or a way to break free from the authority of the oppressor . Another definition of economic depression is , dishonest , unfair , wrongful , or burdensome conduct by corporate directors or majority shareholders that entitles minority shareholders to compel involuntarily dissolution of the corporation ( oppression

Verbal oppression is defined as denying the freedom of speech to an individual or group . This can be achieved in any number of ways . One is through torture or threats . Another is through blackmail blacklisting , or using influence to skew the character (s ) of the oppressed . The oppressors in this case could be as close or limited to an individuals peers , friends , or community , or be as far reaching as the government . The United States ensures the freedom of speech in its Constitution , but not all countries permit that power

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