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Decisions ! Decisions : Limiting the power of search engines


Every invention in life is nothing more than the fruits of man ‘s attempt to make life a little easier and to get the greatest possible result with the least possible effort . Machines have been designed to do much of the menial work that man was doing but a few decades ago . Today , one can find a machine or tool to do just about everything . Perhaps the only thing that hasn ‘t been subcontracted to machines is the ability to think but scientists [banner_entry_middle]

all over the world are already trying to address that issue

It may not come as a surprise therefore when certain people in society claim that instead of man being the master of all the machines and technology , he instead become a slave of technology , deceived into thinking that he is a master over a dominion that was created by machines . This is not the Matrix but there are striking similarities indeed

In the movie the Matrix , the people were fooled into thinking that they controlled their own destiny and shaped their futures . The reality was that everything was a simulation . There was no such thing as free will because all the choices that were perceived to be made from one ‘s own volition were in fact predetermined choices that were provided by a clever limitation of the choices available , subtle but effective

There is a similar revolution going on in the present . Machines and computers are slowly wresting away the power that humans once so haphazardly wielded . This new revolution is not led by any sentient being however but by a much more subtle foe , the search engine

Everyone is familiar with the mechanics of search engines . Type in any word that suits your fancy and thousands if not millions of web pages all containing that keyword will appear . Apparently it seems harmless but there is a side to it not seen by many . The rating system that every search engine uses does not check if the information is actually there and just shows how prominently the word appears on the website The user , thinking that it contains what he actually needs or wants , is led to the website and there is either bombarded with ads or all sorts of useless information . After a few uses , the person is finally able to find what he wants but not without visiting so many other sites and viewing so many other ads . This has become acceptable over the years but not because there is so much information on the web that no search engine efficient enough has been created but because the human mind has been conditioned to accept such things

Of the millions of people who utilize search engines to obtain information online , only a handful get what they really want on the first attempt and even more don ‘t find what they want and are eventually dragged into a site which they had no intention of visiting… [banner_entry_footer]


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