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Online vs. Classroom Courses

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Danny Richardson

January 24 , 2007

On-line Courses

The benefits of online learning are apparent as distance learning aims at meeting student ‘s needs . Effectiveness of studying process is also a matter of concern for future students . Ability to correspond with teachers and other students via e-mail , telephone and chat rooms offers wide range of studying opportunities . Constant access to on-line libraries and data bases affects student ‘s choice . Students having full-time and part-time jobs would be able to pass exams during their available time (Distance Learning Benefits 2005

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courses are an excellent opportunity to study , because students aren ‘t bound by time and location . Further , courses offer accessibility to instruction at anytime from anywhere . Apparently , contemporary lives are busy and on-line courses are the most convenient way of education The main benefits are access from home via Internet seven days per week and 24 hours per day . Contemporary on-line courses fit to academic and career goals . Moreover , the courses allow high level of dynamic interaction between students and instructors . Financial benefits ability to save money spent on housing , transportation and food ability to keep part-time as well as full-time job at the same time . Time management benefits : increased flexibility in time management ability to be not confined to classroom and to certain number of studying hours ability to set convenient time schedule ability to work at home i .e . no need to attend classes (Benefits of On-line Learning 2005

Nevertheless , the apparent drawbacks are presented as well . Students claim that they lack personal communication and participation . The next moment is difficulties with Internet and course accessing as well as too much information to be consumed ‘ at once . Difficulties connected with submitting and self-testing negatively affect on-line courses Instructors claim that the main barriers to on-line courses are difficulties with using computer , lack of students ‘ organizational skills . Constant technical support and , finally , time required to learn how to teach online (Benefits of On-line Learning 2005

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